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If you don’t know what a tear trough correction is, it means that you don’t have this aesthetic issue yet!

When we get older, our face seems to be “sliding down” along with a decrease in the skin elasticity, and our facial features get a “pinched” look.

This happens due to the displacement of soft tissues.

The combination of all these signs, called the “tired face” as a whole, is characterized by pronounced nasolacrimal and cheek-zygomatic furrows.

Surgical correction of these areas does not always provide the desired results, therefore, tear troughs are most often filled with dermal fillers.

A polling of aesthetic practitioners shows that the tear troughs filling is becoming one of the most popular treatments after the nasolabial folds, thanks to the striking rejuvenating result that it provides.


Not every aesthetician knows how to work with the tear trough area.

Besides, they need to have an extensive experience working with this particular area in addition to good practical skills in contour correction with injectable dermal fillers.

After all, they need to take into account such aspects, as:

  • individual anatomical features of the fold formation,
  • degree of skin elasticity,
  • presence of fatty hernias in the lower eyelids,
  • age-related atrophy of the bony structures of the upper jaw, and much more.

Dermatologist chooses a filler depending on the age and reasons for the fold formation.

As a rule, they choose Radiesse – American filler, or Juvederm, Surgiderm – French formulations, or Restylane – Swedish dermal filler.


Fine lines and surface wrinkles, which form in the sensitive tender area around the eyes, are filled with the HA-based filler TEOSYAL RHA 1, made in Switzerland.

This filler has a liquid consistency, is well compatible with the dermis, moisturizes and restores its tone and elasticity, and dissolves slowly.

It is recommended to have a touch up treatment in 6 months after the injection.

This time, however, it is usually recommended to use half the first dose.


Restylane fillers are produced by a large pharmaceutical company Galderma.

Hyaluronic acid contained in Restylane attracts and retains fluid at the molecular level, which causes the formation of elastic complexes.

They activate the production of elastin and collagen.

In general, the rejuvenating result is generated both due to fill up of the wrinkles and due to the positive result of the product action over the skin.

Restylane dermal fillers contain biodegradable substances, which are broken down with the help of natural enzymes, and then are excreted from the body.

For the area around the eyes, use Restylane Fynesse.

The rejuvenation result lasts 8 months or more.


This is one of dermal fillers ranges, produced by the American company Allergan based on hyaluronic acid.

Small surface wrinkles are neutralized with Juvederm Ultra 2 gel, while the softest Juvederm Hydrate filler works for under eye area and is similar to the weak-concentration biorevitalization solution.

The rejuvenation result lasts 10-12 months.

Gels pass hypoallergenic assessment, but are contraindicated in people with a history of allergic reactions.


Thanks to the unique technology (S.M.A.R.T.), fillers produced by the Austrian pharmaceutical holding CROMA have special features, which create a lasting rejuvenation result.

Hyaluronic acid has a specific consistency and dynamic viscosity.

It reduces eyelid puffiness, eliminates bags under the eyes and small capillaries, and neutralizes fine wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.

Aestheticians use Princess filler with the hyaluronic acid concentration of 23 mg/ml.


Phosphorus and calcium hydroxylapatite fillers are a gel suspension of CaHa.

Fillers differ by the specific matrix, formed by phosphorus and calcium compounds.

New collagen fibers form around it.

Volumizer based on a natural substance that is found in the bones, is compatible with the human body.

Deep and medium-depth wrinkles at the corners of the eyes and on the nose bridge require the administration of Radiesse filler 0.8 ml syringe.

Fine lines and small areas require Radiesse Extra filler in a 0.3 ml syringe.


Surgiderm fillers are made in France. They consist of stabilized non-animal hyaluronate.

Hyaluronic acid is obtained by fermentation of bacteria from the streptococcal family.

The gel is characterized by the formation of transversely directed molecular bonds or 3D Matrix.

They eliminate minor defects, superficial wrinkles and fine capillaries, as well as increase turgor and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.

The result lasts for 8-12 months.


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