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Are you a “lip filler virgin”? Have you decided to get a brand new set of lips for yourself? Then trout pout is the last thing you want. Whatever happens, I suggest you avoid it. While fuller lips are indeed sexy, in 2022 you must keep everything within aesthetic reason.

Hey everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of this beauty supply store and today we are going to discuss how and why avoid duck lips and trout pouts and get the best, most harmonious lip filler results that will make you look and feel gorgeous! 


It’s a fact that one of the most requested procedures is lip enhancement, where fillers are injected into the lips, usually hyaluronic acid or collagen. A woman looks more youthful and desirable with plumper and juicier lips.

Unfortunately, the first images that pop into people’s minds when they think of this procedure are celebrities and influencers who have gone too far with the injections. Like Botox, the best and most prevalent way to enhance lips is to make them appear natural without looking overdone. 

It is for a variety of reasons that lip augmentations are recommended. Most of them want to enhance the volume and contour of thin lips or define their Cupid’s bow. Another common reason for lip augmentation is to correct a disproportionate lip size or correct the loss of volume that usually occurs with aging. 


Whatever reasons you have, you really want to move away from trout pout lips. According to numerous Hollywood surveys, duck lips and trout pouts are a thing of the past. Here’s how you avoid it.

1. What Products Are Being Used?

When you’re starting checking with the procedure, you want to make sure that you know the lip filler products injected into your lips. You want a product that will be safe for your lips and not cause noticeable side effects like lip nodules or hyperpigmentation.

Lip fillers typically consist of hyaluronic acid or collagen, as well as lidocaine, a numbing agent. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in your body, while collagen is obtained from animals.  

When injected, it not only fills the lip but adds volume to it. Lip augmentations should not look too fake when done correctly, which does not typically happen with hyaluronic acid, thanks to its plumping properties.  

On the other hand, collagen is reparative and can help the skin retain its moisture for a longer period of time. However, it is known to cause more swelling and bruising, especially when injected near the lip. Therefore, the key is to carefully choose what product to use and which doctor to consult with.  

2. Pick The Right Practitioner Who Knows How to Avoid Trout Pout 

It is essential to consult with a skilled practitioner when getting lip enhancement. While anyone can give you lip fillers, they are only as good as their experience, so always look for someone who has done this procedure before.  

It is also essential that the practitioner is experienced with the type of fillers you want to use. You also want a practitioner who understands the right proportions for your facial shape. As much as you want fuller lips, you need to ensure you are not getting too much. Going overboard with lip fillers can cause your lips to look unnatural and puffy.  

When getting lip fillers, it is crucial to get the amount that your practitioner recommends. The lips should not be overfilled, as this can cause the lips to appear asymmetrical and make you look older.  

If you want fuller lips, the key is to go slowly. While filler injections will not last forever and will eventually start wearing off, you must focus on getting natural results. 

3. Proper Hydration Is Your Friend

It is essential to take care of your lips after the procedure when getting lip fillers. Hydration is your friend in this case, so drink plenty of water and take vitamins. Ensure that you also do not smoke, as this can cause discoloration and lips can appear thinner.

Hyaluronic aid fillers utilize the natural water stored in our tissues. After a dermal filler treatment, drinking plenty of water helps it last longer by blocking out bacteria. Some fillers attract water from the environment to keep your lip filler looking fresh and full. 

After the procedure, you also need to regularly apply moisturizer to your lips, as this will help them look plumper.  

4. Follow Aftercare Instructions To The Letter

After you get lip fillers, you must make sure that you follow aftercare instructions perfectly, from how to reduce lip swelling after fillers to what food to eat. Every product has a different type of care, and almost no two practitioners have the same after-care style they recommend to their patients. 

Although lip filler injections will not last forever, they will typically last for a good while. Bad aftercare may cause filler migration from the lips. As a result of this migration, dermal filler spreads to other areas along with the injection site. 

Migration can occur anywhere filler is injected, not only with the lips, including the tear-trough, jawline, and cheeks. Sometimes migration occurs when you neglect your practitioner’s instructions for aftercare. 

It can be a delicate process to administer dermal fillers, and you should do your best to make sure that these fillers heal as they should. This will help ensure that your results will be positive and not have to deal with any undesirable side effects.

5. Be Smart About Filler Placement

When getting lip injections, it is vital to ensure that the practitioner is doing it the right way. Lip injections should be performed by a certified practitioner who knows precisely which areas to inject and where the fillers should be placed.  

Improper filler placement can cause you to get unwanted results. Some practitioners place fillers in the lips at angles, causing your lips to look unnatural and stick out. This, of course, is not what you want. 

So, to avoid getting trout pout and duck lips, ensure that you assess every practitioner you see before hiring them. Make sure you find someone who is both experienced and skilled, together with a good understanding of the best lip shape for you.


Getting lip fillers can be a great way to enhance your beauty. However, if you get carried away with the procedure, you can end up looking like a trout. 

Instead of getting trout pout lips, you need to make sure you get lip fillers injected properly in the right places. With the right product, in the right proportion, and with the right practitioner, I am certain you will end up with fuller lips that will make you look simply beautiful!

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