GHC Equine Placental Cosmetics

Closely collaborating with the European branch of Japan Bio Products, Anna’s Cosmetics now offers one of the most unique skincare lines – GHC Placental Cosmetics 

GHC Placental Extract Anna's CosmeticsGHC PLACENTAL COSMETICS have been formulated for skin rejuvenation. The products balance skin colour and pigmentation levels, removing dark spots and whitening it.

GHC PLACENTAL COSMETICS skincare range is also full of anti-oxidants that purify your skin and make it resistant to free radicals.

The GHC PLACENTAL COSMETICS made with Equine placenta are manufactured using screened extracts of horse (equine) placenta. The manufacturing process used for production of each product within this range adopts the same technology as manufacturing of Laennec injectable – one of the most unique products indicated for the rejuvenation of human metabolism.


The placenta is a temporary organ attached to the wall of the uterus during pregnancy. It provides oxygen and nutrients vital for foetus development and produces growth hormones that allow the foetus to develop.

The consumption of placenta and its benefits have been widely documented across both culture and time. Used as a fundamental form of cellular therapy, placenta is known to contain rich growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals and other nourishing nutrients with the ability to assist cell rejuvenation and renewal.

In China, placenta is often prescribed as a Traditional Chinese Medicine remedy to enable mothers to swiftly recover their strength after the arduous process of labour. Other cultures, such as the Italians use placenta to boost lactation while Indians have been documented to use placenta for wound healing.


Horse placenta is known for its nutritional value and safety: compared to other animal placenta, horse placenta is meatier and weighs about 7kg, from which only 3-5 percent of placenta essence can be extracted for use, making it extremely rare and precious. Horse placenta also contains more amino acids than other animal placentas, and even some essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the human body.

The rarity of horse placenta is more evident in that a horse only gives birth once a year, and produces only one offspring each time.

All horses whose placentas are used by JBP, are raised at designated pastures under the strictest hygiene control and stringent supervision of veterinarians. They are fed a high-nutrition diet that is safe and free of additives and hormones.

Horse placenta is also known to be the safest: thanks to the fact that horses don’t get illnesses like BSE and Foot-and-Mouth compared to pigs or cows.

Horse placenta is the most sought-after placenta amongst cosmetic ingredients thanks to the high density of active substances that create an excellent skin barrier and moisturizer, lessening the appearance of lines, wrinkles and rough skin patches. 


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GHC Placental Cosmetics
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