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February 4, 2020

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My skin care delivery is finally here! 😁👏🎉🎊

As you can see, I’ve received a small number of very good medicated creams. Some of them are already known to you (Ban A Tan and Tri O Bloc), while the others are brand new to my store. These products help with all sorts of skin issues:

~ Hyperpigmenation – One Tone Plus cream based not on your usual Hydroquinone, but another, supposedly more effective ingredient 4-n-Butylresorcinol;

~ Acne – Azelaic Acid cream and Tretinoin gel;

~ Eczema, dry skin and itching – Lacsoft Ammonium Lactate cream;

~ Wrinkles and loss of collagen – Tretinoin gel;

~ Facial hair – Eflora cream which is generic Vaniqa;

~ Hair loss – Minokem-N topical solution which contains such great ingredients as Minoxidil, Tretinoin and Azelaic acid.

~ Skin damage, wounds and ulcers – recombinant human Epidermal Growth Factor (rhEGF) Regen-D gel which is generic of the highly sought-after Regranex.

Some of these creams are already listed in my store, therefore you are welcome to buy them. The other ones I still have to list and write for them a comprehensive description which is quite a task 😅

So, if you are interested in a particular cream shown on the above picture, but cannot see if for sale, keep checking my store regularly. Or just email me with an enquiry – no need to shy away because I am easily approachable and I will always reply.

But if you DO see it listed and marked “In Stock”, then don’t delay and buy it! Because many of these creams have been already reserved for my regular customers, so there are only limited quantities available.

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