Revanesse is a family of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers of Canadian origin. They’re made by Prollenium Medical Technologies, Inc. Revanesse uses a unique formula with a patented cross-linking technology called Thixofix.


Manufacturers modify, or cross-link, hyaluronic acid so that it will last longer before it breaks down in the human body. Revanesse‘s Thixofix technology optimizes the degree of cross-linking, slowing down the natural rate of degradation. The result is long-lasting outcomes. Besides, it ensures the body treats the filler as though it were naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Thixofix also creates hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight, giving it maximum durability.

This proprietary technology produces a very smooth hyaluronic acid gel that a medical esthetician can inject effortlessly. Even though it’s a thick filler, it’s ultra-soft filler, so a doctor can use a fine needle without the hyaluronic acid particles breaking down. These particles are more or less the same size, so it’s also a very uniform gel that’s easy to mold. Thixofix ensures that the filler breaks down more slowly and predictably over time because as it degrades, the cross-linked network loosens. The gel particles expand, compensating for the loss of filler and maintaining the original level of correction.


There’s an entire family of Revanesse fillers. Each has different properties that allow practitioners to correct a wide range of aesthetic concerns:

Recommended for filling in superficial imperfections, the very first filler Revanesse has a low viscosity and is extra smooth. That makes it easy to inject for the correction of fine lines that have only started to appear.

Next one is Revanesse Pure. It is the only non-crosslinked filler in the Revanesse line. It’s an easily absorbed skinbooster that hydrates to prevent premature skin aging and to restore elasticity. A mesotherapy technique more than an actual filler, Pure can nourish the face, neck, chest and the back of the hands.

Lips have unique characteristics that warrant a filler formulated just for them. Prollenium made Revanesse Kiss especially for augmenting and defining lips. Kiss offers outcomes with a low incidence of inflammation that last between nine and twelve months. Kiss also helps smooth the wrinkles around the mouth known as smokers lines.

Filler Revanesse Ultra is especially designed to treat deep or marked wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It’s one of the more viscous gels in the Revanesse range and is great for correcting volume loss in different parts of the face. The results last nine months to a year.

Versa filler corrects moderate to severe facial lines and does so with very little swelling. It has the added benefit of being FDA-approved.

Filler Revanesse Contour is especially formulated to shape and redefine the face. It’s also excellent for creating volume in areas where this is typically needed, such as the jaw and cheeks. It’s very effective at correcting the nasal bridge.

Revanesse Shape is ideal for contouring and shaping and can add volume and correct areas of deep tissue. It’s notable for its high elasticity which provides the necessary firmness to create a lifting effect and ensure shape retention.


Revanesse dermal fillers are completely free of animal products. They’re safe, biocompatible and, by their nature, are biodegradable in the human body.

As with most hyaluronic acid fillers, Revanesse belongs to a category of temporary fillers.

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