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Restylane Galderma Annas Cosmetics

Restylane by Galderma is one of dermal filler brands. With so many dermal filler brands available on the market each tailoring their products to smooth out the three main types of wrinkles (fine, medium and deep) it can be a difficult decision to choose one brand.

Popular brands available from Anna’s Cosmetics, will always be more favourable as the most trusted of all; specifically Juvederm, Sculptra and Restylane by Galderma. With years of research for being the pioneers in dermal filling, it makes it impossible for competitors to catch up with the most established. Unless they can offer something new and more groundbreaking. Many brands can claim they herald the most purest form of hyaluronic acid, which means longer lasting products that will prevent free radicals.

Restylane by Galderma will always be commended for being one of the first fillers, alongside Radiesse, to introduce Lidocaine, a painless route of treatment which made dermal fillers highly appealing to all women who want to look their best but detested the thought of needles and associated pain.

Many women whose first wrinkles still haven’t surfaced, are equally likely to consider the type of filler they might like to purchase in the future. Perhaps so they don’t become so overwhelmed with the possible choices when it’s their turn. Maybe genetics dictate our hereditary pattern of when and where our wrinkles will appear.

Certainly by the time the first wrinkles appear, there will be even more advanced solutions to combat them. Moisturizing daily and protecting skin from the sun is important to prevent wrinkles from appearing sooner than they’re expected. However, it’s important to be able to deduct what you would want most from a dermal filler.

Read on to hear what one woman in her mid-thirties who’s beginning to notice the first signs of losing elasticity in her skin, says:

“When I smile skin doesn’t feel as tight around the cheeks as it once looked in my old photos. Every woman wants a clear smooth complexion that looks flawless and wrinkle free. Wrinkles are not an issue ‘yet’, however, I do believe all the years of moisturizing daily will pay off and certainly investing in a moisturizer that has added SPF and even a hint of hyaluronic acid will benefit my skin in years to come.

Forgetting my sunglasses at home on a sizzling summer day never helps! Keeping a spare pair in the car would be ideal, especially as the sun, making me squint, will inevitably cause those dreaded crow’s feet on the sides of my big eyes. Blocking those rays now and preventing the scrunched-up squinting would certainly make me look my best when I’m in my forties. But because there’s still no wrinkles, there’s an inner relaxed, laid back approach. This mind-set needs to change, and I need to become stricter upon myself!

Going back to the topic of dermal fillers. What dermal filler would I choose for myself in years to come? Natural, mild, gentle, are some of the words that spring to mind. I have faith Restylane would help reverse the years slightly. What I don’t want is my face to look puffy and over volumized. It’s FDA approved and according to the manufacturer it lasts about three to six months which is an unpretentious claim. If a product states ‘Purest Form of Hyaluronic Acid’ on the packaging, surely that would be the filler I would filter my potential list down to. The price would have to be justifiable! If I achieve the results I desire, I would like to stay with one consistent dermal filler for life. No changing – I wouldn’t want my skin cells to get confused! Unless, there is something naturally unique about an alternative filler. Which reminds me of a certain product Anna has in her online store …

A.G.E Stop Switzerland skincare products do look extremely tempting and I would definitely consider these in the future. Snow Algae derived from the Swiss Alps almost sounds fantastic! The Europeans have proved to carry out some exceptional research into skin care products and their portfolio of products is an outstanding asset to the world.”

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