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Ptosis is derived from the Greek word for falling and is the medical terminology describing a drooping or abnormal lowering of an anatomical area. When ptosis pertains to the eyelid it is more accurately described as blepharoptosis.

In aesthetic medicine, ptosis is almost always related to the injection of botulinum toxin type A leading to muscle weakness. Depending on the area treated, ptosis can affect the brow resulting in a lowering of the eyebrows which produces a poor cosmetic result but can also lead to a significant descent of the eyebrows which may interfere with vision. Upper lid ptosis may occur when treating the glabellar complex and botulinum toxin type A diffuses through the orbital septum and affects the lid elevator muscle. This may result in a drooping of the upper lid with the patient unable to fully open the eye may interfere with normal vision.

Although ptosis may persist for the whole duration of effect of treatment with botulinum toxin type A, it will usually settle more quickly and eye lid ptosis will often settle within 3-4 weeks while it takes up to 6 weeks for brow ptosis.