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January 24, 2020

PRX-T33 delivery Anna's Cosmetics Aesthetics Makeup

Hi everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of this beauty supply store. Last week was such a busy week that I published no updates, my apologies. So, today I’m making up for that by posting a picture of my new PRX-T33 delivery, total of 20 boxes, and publishing a brand new article about this fantastic rejuvenating peel. The article’s name is “Peeling PRX T33: Biorevitalization Without Needles” and you can read it in My Blog.

PRX-T33 is a temperature-sensitive product. It’s delivered in a tightly sealed styrofoam box with plenty of ice blocks. Once I get it, I place it like that in the fridge and that’s how it’s stored until your order comes through.

“How do you ship it?🤔” – I hear your question. Be sure I take good care! 😊 This is MY store, you are MY customer and I will NOT let you down or loose my face.

So, to begin with, I always wrap PRX-T33 in a plastic bag, just to avoid it getting wet and soggy from ice.

Then I enclose a good quality ice block which stays frozen for up to 72 hours, first placing it in a plastic bag aswell.

Then I wrap it all in isothermal bubble foil, place it in a quality cardboard box and ship it by express service with a delivery in 48 hours.

So when you get it, it should be still cool. However, if for some reason, be it an airline delay or your absence at the delivery address, it is not.. don’t panic and simply place it in the fridge: most temperature-sensitive products are much more stable than the manufacturers make it out.

That’s all for today.

As always, wishing you to stay ageless and beautiful! XO

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