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Plasmolifting or PRP-therapy (platelet rich plasma) is a procedure of injecting a person’s own blood plasma, enriched with platelets, vitamins, glutathione, and peptides. Most people know this procedure as PRP Injection for Face.

In aesthetic medicine, PRP-therapy is used to treat the skin and hair loss. The technique provides a visible face lifting effect and awaking of hair follicles just after one treatment. The therapeutic effect of adding platelets together with various nutrients gives amazing result: rejuvenation, improved elasticity and density of the skin, elimination of fine wrinkles and noticeable reduction of deep wrinkles. Moreover, if prior to plasmolifting you had some invasive medical procedure, then PRP therapy will speed up your recovery.


Using PRP therapy in aesthetic medicine is indicated for such problems as:

  • Facial and bodily age-related changes
  • Age prevention
  • Acne
  • Skin recovery after such aggressive rejuvenation techniques as laser resurfacing and plastic surgery
  • Dehydrated and sun damaged skin
  • Treatment of stretch marks and scars
  • Alopecia

Overall, PRP injection represents one of the most efficient treatments for the rejuvenation of face and body skin thanks to the fact that plasma itself contains an exceptional composition of elements that stimulate tissue regeneration. Plus, adding to it additional nutrients makes a noticeable difference.

PRP injections are quite effective for treating alopecia as they awaken dormant hair follicles, stimulate hair growth, restore hair density and its natural shine.


Platelets play important role in enhancing local tissue immunity, accelerating healing, and normalizing biological processes. They are required for both health and beauty. When there is plenty of platelets in plasma, our fibroblasts start rapidly proliferating which, in its turn, improves synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Interestingly, the more of these elements are present in tissues, the healthier and younger is our skin.

Injecting your own platelet-rich plasma is successfully used not only in aesthetic medicine, but also in surgery, dentistry, burn therapy and sports medicine.

It is not going to work if a doctor simply injects the patient’s blood into the tissues. Because in addition to platelets contained in the blood, there are also leukocytes. Due to their natural functions, when leukocytes are introduced into the skin, they cause inflammation. Therefore, doctors use a special centrifuge to divide the blood into several components: erythrocytes, leukocytes, and plasma. The received plasma is then used for treating face, body, or scalp.

In PRP treatment every step is very important – from the quality of PRP tubes to the correct way of blood separation. Therefore, many aesthetical medical practitioners choose to use ReganLab, the patented Swiss PRP kits and centrifuges.


Before carrying out the procedure, advise your patient to avoid alcohol for three days. Because drinking alcohol before treatment increases chances of bruising after injections.


Plasmolifting procedure takes place in 3 stages:

1. Venous blood sampling

2. Plasma preparation

3. Administration of plasma into the problem area

First, the nurse draws blood from your vein.

Then, the tube with the obtained blood is placed into a centrifuge, which allows to obtain platelet-rich plasma.

Then, the doctor administers it injecting it into the problem areas at different depths depending on the problem.


You should notice a visible improvement in the quality of your skin after the first session. However, like with every medical aesthetic treatment, results are individual and cumulative. So, for best results, get the course of treatments rather than just one treatment. Because this way you will ensure a much better result. Normally, one course of treatments includes three procedures, once per month.

Contrary to speculations, it is impossible to “oversaturate” skin with platelets. It is a physiological action which implies the activation of the tissues’ own resources and the improvement of their internal metabolism.

To prevent aging and maintain skin’s regenerative capacity, treat yourself to one course every six months.


Results after PRP therapy:

  • Improved skin tone and noticeable skin tightening thanks to activated collagen synthesis
  • Improved skin’s texture as it becomes softer, better moisturized, velvety
  • Accelerated recovery after operations and injuries
  • Decreased acne
  • Added radiance
  • Decreased hyperpigmentation or its complete prevention
  • Decreased hair loss, improved general hair condition and growth rate.


Within an hour after the administration, traces of the injections will be practically invisible.

Since injections in their essence represent a kind of microtrauma, it is necessary to give the skin time to heal. In the first 3 days after the procedure limit visits to sauna and swimming pool and avoid intense physical activity. Moreover, stay away from direct sunlight to protect your skin from avoid hyperpigmentation. Once your skin has recovered, you can easily return to your usual life.


Blood plasma is natural to the skin, so there is absolutely no risk of allergic reactions or complications.

Contraindications for the treatment are not different to any other aesthetic medical procedures:

  • Acute infectious diseases
  • Skin inflammation – acne, herpes
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Chronic illnesses

Beauty supply store Anna’s Cosmetics sells the patented Swiss PRP kits from RegenLab and a good variety of CE marked PRP tubes. PRP injection for face with the use of unique RegenLab products makes it possible not only to correct visible skin imperfections, but also to improve restore facial volume without the use of dermal fillers.

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