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Placenta and Placenta Benefits

“A woman has only one opportunity to be beautiful, but a hundred thousand possibilities to be attractive.”

This expression of Charles Montesquieu, 18th century’s French philosopher, is still relevant today and perfectly suitable for modern women, and not only them. After all, we all want to preserve youth, beauty and health for as long as possible, and there are many opportunities for this.

You’re probably familiar with more mainstream anti-aging solutions such as dermal fillers, Botox injections, mesotherapy, facials, chemical peels, but there are other options that are not so well-known.

One of these is utilization of HPE, or Human Placenta Extract.

No, I will not be preaching eating placenta. Instead, I will introduce you to extract of human placenta as a unique anti-aging remedy and highly effective ingredient containing in some unique skincare products.

But first, let’s see how anti-aging medicine came to use HPE.


Facing age-related changes, we often begin to look for a cure, a magic elixir that would delay aging.

It is known that hormones can effectively cope with emerging signs of age. For example, estrogen eliminates dryness, prevents skin’s laxity, increases its elasticity, slows down aging. It’s also used to fight against excessive oiliness, acne, alopecia as well as prevent development of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, etc.

Another argument I have in favor of hormones is the fact that after 30-35 years, their concentration in our blood drops which impairs cell proliferation and negatively impacts our appearance.

Based on this, it would seem that the magic elixir should contain hormones, right? But their use in skincare is prohibited: although they improve work of many organs including skin, in the same time they can cause serious side effects, one of which is cancer.

Therefore, it was necessary to find another way to fight age-related changes and scientists turned their attention to placenta.

“Why placenta?” — you might ask. Because it’s rich in growth factors — active substances stimulating various body processes such as, for example, cell division which helps to improve skin condition.

As a result, many highly effective pharmaceutical, skincare and cosmetic products were made using it as a main ingredient.


HPE is a liquid derived from human placenta obtained from women when they deliver at full-term and which is subsequently refined.

It has been part of alternative and folk medicine in Asia for many years and is reputed to have considerable anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and healing properties.

Are you surprised that it has so many beneficial properties? Well, you shouldn’t because we all know placenta functions as a protective filter between a baby and harmful substances.

Want to find out more? Read further! 🙂


I would like to point out that use of placenta extract in cosmetology and medicine in the United States is not common due to FDA rules and regulations.

In Europe and Russia use of placenta extract began not so long ago too.

It was initiated in the 1940s, when a Soviet ophthalmologist Filatov, who was using frozen human placenta in ophthalmology, formulated basic principles of cell therapy and started using it for treatment of wounds, burns, surgical adhesions.

From then on, human placenta in a form of suspension and extract has become widely known as a powerful remedy.


Undoubtedly, this is determined by unique placenta function: during prenatal development, it ensures formation and functioning of the new human body, protecting embryo from negative environment and providing it with nutrition throughout pregnancy.

Placenta is a major source of biologically active substances and a huge variety of other materials that are responsible for fetus growth and development.

When these substances are used in medicines or cosmetics, they stimulate our organs functions while increasing resistance of the whole body to stress and negative environment. In particular, growth factors affect renewal rate of epidermis and collagen.

In the process of vital activity, GF bind to certain receptors on cell surface and begin to control its life.

Thus, growth factors trigger precisely those cell division mechanisms that are necessary for fast and efficient regeneration.

Advantages of placental medicines, placental cosmetics and placental supplements are obvious and recognized by both doctors and patients.

With their growing popularity many of us start wondering how they are made, where raw materials come from, how they are processed, which is understandable because of their unconventional origin.

Now, I will answer some basic questions that you may have before deciding to use medicines and skincare based on HPE, such as placenta cream, soap and injections.


A complex combination of nutrients, amino acids, hormones, and proteins, HPE contains cell growth factors and cytokines. Phenylalanine, tryptophan and tyrosine, all antioxidants, are present, as are peptides derived from collagen.


Paramount in the production process used during creation of HPE are the precautions that are taken to ensure the end product is safe. Before proceeding, all placenta is rigorously tested for viruses and disease, and strict sterilization protocols are followed.


Extract of human placenta has a multitude of uses. Applications for HPE can basically be divided into cosmetic and health categories.

In terms of anti-aging and beauty, HPE is recommended for whitening skin, reducing appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, improving skin tone and elasticity.

I, personally, use Curacen Essence to improve skin density under my eyes and it works wonders!

I highly recommend human placenta extract to those who have thin skin.

All you have to do is apply around your eyes a few drops of Curacen Essence twice daily. You should start noticing results in a couple of weeks which is not surprising because the compounds contained in HPE contribute to cell renewal and collagen formation.


Skin beautification is but one of the ways in which use of human placenta extract can aid your well-being.

Medicinal applications for HPE include using it to treat chronic fatigue, lessen symptoms of both male and female menopause and many others which I will list below.

In Japan and South Korea, human placenta extract is approved for use when treating chronic liver disease.


The use of HPE as a therapeutic agent has been explored in scientific studies conducted by researchers from South Korean and Japanese universities.

In animal studies, preemptive treatment with placental extracts has been shown to provide protection from damaging oxidation and inflammation.

Relief from symptoms related to CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as well as menopause has been investigated. Human subjects who received HPE injections showed improvement, with a lower manifestation of the conditions being studied.

Other research has examined how administration of HPE can be advantageous when dealing with medical issues as varied as cartilage degradation and hair loss.


HPE can be present as an ingredient in topically applied products such as face masks, skin creams, or soaps.

To really reap the benefits of this remarkable extract, however, I suggest you look at HPE in its injectable form.

Just a word of warning: there are many injectable human placenta extracts available on the market, but not all of them are equal in terms of production, safety and quality.

If you’re interested in trying HPE, since 2016 I’ve been working directly with Japan Bio Products, the leading pioneers in this field and the manufactures of infamous Laennec, placenta injection.

To aid doctors, Japan Bio Products developed administration protocol for numerous treatments including:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Alcoholic Hepatitis
  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Obesity
  • Cachexia
  • Rejuvenation
  • Fatigue
  • PMS

As Laennec is an ethical drug, I am unable to sell it online although I have it listed.

However, if you wish to learn more or purchase it, please call me directly at +1 (626) 578-5197 or [email protected]

I am available 24/7.

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