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March 12, 2020

Norditropin flexpro Annas Cosmetics Aesthetics Makeup

And this is my today’s delivery of Norditropin Nordiflex known in the USA as Norditropin Flexpro. I’m so glad it’s back in stock! 👏👏👏

The Norditropin HGH that I currently sell is called Nordiflex and it comes in a prefilled pen with a dose dial – very convenient because you don’t need to rack your brains how to measure the number of IUs needed. You simply preset it.

One of the boxes that I received today got undone in transit, so at least now I can show you what’s inside because usually and under NO circumstances do I open sealed packages: I, myself, am an avid online shopper and I hate when something I buy comes in a less than a perfect condition. Thus, I do my best to keep the products I sell in a perfect condition and I pack them with care and attention. But as you can see, because of the postal couriers, mishaps happen.

There is one thing I would like to bring to your attention: the writing on Nordiflex is in Turkish language. Why? Because all HGH that I sell is made in Turkey. For some very strange to me reason, there is a common opinion that HGH that is manufactured in Turkey is fake. This is SOOOOO far from the truth. Turkish pharmaceutical industry is extremely well developed. If you ever visit Turkey, you will see a situation similar to Europe: pharmacies are located on every corner. And there are many perfectly legit pharmaceutical warehouses who supply products to those pharmacies. I, for instance, have been working for a long time now with one of such warehouses. I even managed to build very close relationship with the owner of this warehouse and his wife and kids.

Furthermore, you must know that huge number of International pharmaceutical corporations manufacture their products in Turkey just because it keeps their costs down and increases their profits: Turkey is considered a third world country and people work for peanuts. And this is what makes production of pharmaceuticals cost-effective. But in no way does this affect the quality of the medicines.

Anyway, now I will update the quantity of Norditropin within my store, so it’s available for sale. To use Nordiflex (Norditropin Flexpro) prefilled pen you will need the pen needles. I don’t sell them, but when I have on hand some spare, I always enclose 5-10 of them complimentary to every order containing either Nordiflex or Genotropin Goquick (another brand of HGH that comes in a prefilled pen). I do that just so you can start your human HGH therapy without a delay.

That’s all for today.

As always, I wish you to stay healthy, ageless and beautiful! ❤️

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