Welcome to my News Feed!

I am Anna, I am Aquarius, so I like to be independent.

Some time ago Facebook removed a fair part of my posts, featuring the products, promotion of which doesn’t comply with Facebook community rules. Two weeks later they closed my business and personal accounts.

The same week Instagram disabled Anna’s Cosmetics account without a warning or explanation. More than likely, it was for the same reason.

Although I am not a big fan of social media, it was still upsetting. Because I fully apply myself to all I do, especially my work. And because I firmly believe that every Instagram or Facebook post that I publish serves a purpose.

Nevertheless, this did not discourage me and I decided to create my own News Feed within my store. Here I will be sharing with you the news and scientific findings about different anti-aging treatments, just to keep you in a loop about the fascinating world of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. Also, I will be posting important announcements and changes to my business along with pictures of the newly delivered and featured products.

Hope you find all the below information useful.

Furrowed Brow Anna's Cosmetics


When you hit 30, sometimes before, sometimes after, much to your dismay you’ll start to notice lines on your face....

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PRP Injection for face Anna's Cosmetics


Plasmolifting or PRP-therapy (platelet rich plasma) is a procedure of injecting a person’s own blood plasma, enriched with platelets, vitamins,...

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Mentoplasty Anna's Cosmetics


Every so often, magazines and beauty websites put out lists of the year’s most beautiful faces. If you pay careful...

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Chin Enhancement Blog by Anna from Anna's Cosmetics


Chin enhancement is currently one of the most popular medical aesthetic procedures. The reason for that is the pressure to...

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