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Manufacturer: Mesotech, Italy
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MOTION ROLLER performs the skin needling of the last generation. It is THE ONLY dermaroller (skin needling device) in the world that features a built-in seat for a nebulizer and pneumatic atomizer. The atomization of a serum into some very small particles ensures high penetration efficiency of the active ingredients.


Also known as Dermarolling, Collagen Induction Therapy or Intradermabrasion, skin needling is a process where skin rollers with 200+ fine steel needles are manually applied to the skin.

One of the goals of the skin needling is to deliver the active ingredients under the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum forms a barrier for the penetration of creams and lotions applied onto the skin therefore the skin needling is a perfect way to improve the penetration of the cutaneous barrier.

The other goal of the skin needling is to stimulate natural production of collagen and elastin which also results in many benefits such as reduction of scars and improvement of skin’s texture. 

In both cases, the target area is the upper dermis layer of the skin.


MOTION ROLLER performs 2 actions in 1, where it sprays product whilst needling. The microneedles passing through the skin create micro-channels and your skin easily absorbs the sprayed product. Active ingredients in the spray could be vitamin complex, bio-mimetic peptides, anti-oxidants, minerals, co-enzymes. At Anna’s Cosmetics we have a wide variety of products that could be used with the MOTION ROLLER, such as Curacen Essence based on human placenta and Dermaheal solutions packed with growth factors, peptides and amino-acids. 

Although, the passing of the needles over the skin induces collagen production, one should consider the side effects of the skin needling such as formation of the Free Radicals. Thus, the importance of using an anti-oxidant during the skin needling is deemed high. Both Curacen Essence and Dermaheal products have a number of anti-oxidants present, but now we should move to the next subject of the Prothrombin and why using the MOTION ROLLER instead of a traditional derma roller should be your choice.

Injury to a blood vessel leads to rapid conversion of Prothrombin into Thrombin, which in turn converts Fibrinogen into Fibrin. Fibrin produces fiber armor which participates in the formation the clot. Usually, this process takes about 11-13 seconds. This means that if you apply a serum packed with vitamins, peptides and anti-oxidants after the needling, there will be no results because "the input channel", which was opened by microneedles, will be already closed.


MOTION ROLLER comes with a sterile and re-chargeable needle head containing 200+ titanium microneedles. The needles have the same incidence angle as the hypodermic needles. 

The needle head comes in a protective cover to lessen the risk of getting pricked.

MOTION ROLLER received a Global patent which means you would be able to offer your patients or yourself a truly unique treatment.

MOTION ROLLER is manufactured in Italy by Mesotech. 


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