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May 27, 2021

Microchanneling Beauty supply store Annas Cosmetics

I have AMAZING news!!! Now you don’t need to worry about needles, syringes, bruises and downtime after skin rejuvenating injections and hair-loss mesotherapy. Because now you can rejuvenate your skin using a microchanneling device Aquagold Fine Touch!

Yep, after continuous search and as per your numerous requests, I managed to source AUTHENTIC Aquagold device – one of the best medical aesthetic inventions of the last decade!

If you are not familiar with Aquagold, then let me tell you that it’s truly an amazing device! It treats the most sensitive parts of your face and body without injections. And the most important is that you can Do It Yourself!

So what is Aquagold Fine Touch? It’s a device that delivers vitamin cocktails, botox, amino acids and other medications in a pain-free and non-traumatic manner to sensitive areas on the face, hands and anywhere else on your body.

Microchanneling device Aquagold Fine Touch ensures a very low risk of bruising and swelling, allowing painless treatment around the mouth, eyes and other areas that are hard to treat with traditional injections.

Do you know how much one session of Aquagold treatment costs at the beauty salon?? Around $450 – $650 per one session, depending on the salon reputation and the cocktail they use. Now, I sell Aquagold Fine Touch at $150. Yes, the price is only for the device, but then you can mix your own cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, amino acids and botox and rejuvenate your periorbital and perioral area without leaving your home as and when you need it. How convenient is that!

Moreover, you can use Aquagold Fine Touch for re-growing your hair. I sell Biotin and Vitamin B5 which are indicated specifically for hair loss. I also sell Dermaheal Anti-Hair Loss solution and fortifying Dermaheal M Booster Hair. Both are mixtures of highly effective growth factors, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids and peptides that are essential for hair growth. Just fill in Aquagold vial with these nutrients and deliver them into your scalp through the 24K gold plated needles.

Various Chinese companies tried to copy Aquagold Fine Touch and sell it on Amazon at much lower prices. About a year ago, when I didn’t have Aquagold for sale, I was approached about it by one of my customers. When I suggested to her those other Chinese devices, she said the following: “I certainly don’t want to waste botox with the wrong micro needling/micro channeling devices. Some needles sold on Amazon look rough on the skin.” And this is TRUE! The diameter of each needle of Aquagold Fine Touch device is thinner than your hair. Plus, it’s plated in 24K gold. So, it’s gentle, hypo-allergenic, pain-free and does not traumatize your skin.

So, don’t delay and treat yourself to a microchanneling device Aquagold Fine Touch today! You deserve the best of the best!

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