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March 10, 2020

Pink Intimate System Anna's Cosmetics Aesthetics Makeup

With a great regret I announce that from today March 10, 2020 I do not accept credit cards. I’ve taken this decision because the phenomenon called “Friendly Fraud” (filling disputes over so-called “unauthorized” charges) grows exponentially making small merchants like myself very vulnerable and undefended. So, to all my honest and faithful customers I send my sincerest apologies for the caused inconvenience. And to those who live off Friendly Fraud, I would like to remind that fraud is a criminal offence.

On a positive note, check out what I’ve got!! Yep, the intimate bleaching system!

Now you can be beautiful in every place, literally 😉

Now you can be confident more than ever! 👯‍♀️

Now you can definitely conquer the world and that very special one you’ve got your eyes set on! 👀😁

The intimate bleaching system doesn’t just lighten your private bits. It works very well on armpits and knees. Wish you’ve known how often I get emails with questions about lightening the knees! People ask me about Glutathione injections, placenta injections, creams containing hydroquinone. But none of those products work on the knees, so I could never offer anything. Until now!

Pink Intimate System comes in a vial which is indicated for two treatments. It is not cheap, but we, girls, deserve to treat ourselves, especially when it’s related to the most intimate and important for our confidence area… Do you agree?

If yes, then don’t delay and buy it today! If not, I promise to continue my search for a less expensive and just as efficient intimate bleaching product.

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