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Laugh lines star beauty supply Anna's Cosmetics

Laugh lines are a growing concern for many people, especially the young ones. Bad habits, genes, hereditary pathologies, bad diet – all of this plays an important role in keeping your face free from them. Luckily, the scientists have developed an additional remedy which will read you from those dreaded laugh lines. These are dermal fillers Restylane Refyne and Restylane Defyne. Both of them have been approved by FDA, making it even safer for women to know they can treat the lines that make them look older. 

Galderma made the announcement at the end of year 2016 that these two products had received approval for treating nasolabial folds for patients aged over 21. And there was a reason for stating the age of the patients: according to the statistics, first signs of nasolabial folds appear precisely at the age of 20.

So as it is, Restylane Refyne was approved for treating light to moderate facial wrinkles and for injection into the lips. Therefore, if you are a patient of 20 to 30 years young, then this is the filler for your laugh lines.

However, if you are older and your nasolabial folds are deep, then go for Restylane Defyne  – an excellent filler for for deeper wrinkles and folds.

Both dermal fillers  gels have been manufactured using leading XpresHA technology to give patients the best results that last for up to a year.

Each fillers comes in one pre-filled stinges of 1 ml accompanied with 2 needles.

If you are curious to see the other products in the Restylane collection, then Anna’s Cosmetics is your best source.

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