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June 1, 2020

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Good Monday morning everyone! ☀️☕️🥐 Today is June 1 and I’m showing off my Juvederm collection. Although there are so many different brands of dermal fillers on the market, Juvaderm remains by far the most popular one not only in the USA, but around the whole world.

There are a few things about Juvederm I would like to share with you today:

First, there are ten (10) products within Juvederm collection: one is a rejuvenating treatment while the other nine are fillers.

Second, each Juvederm product has its own name and indication.

Third, there are two sub-collections within Juvederm range: Juvederm Ultra (top shelf on the pic) and Juvederm Vycross (bottom shelf).

Next, the names of the Juvederm fillers that come from Europe differ from the Juvederm fillers made for the US market: for example Juvederm Ultra 2 is known in the States as Juvederm Ultra XC (XC stands for Lidocaine) while Volift is known as Vollure.

Then, all European Juvederm products, except Hydrate, come with Lidocaine.

And last, but not least: Juvederm seems expensive, but it really isn’t. All Juvaderm fillers with an exception of Juvederm Hydrate come in a box with two (2) pre-filled syringes, so the price per syringe works out to be quite reasonable. Besides, you don’t have to use both syringes immediately: you can share a box of Juvederm with your friend, sister, mom or leave the second syringe for a touch up which you will need later anyway. Whatever you decide, I can assure you there will be no regrets: Juvederm is a great filler! It treats a wide variety of aesthetic issues, it’s easy to work with and it comes at a decent price. So, don’t delay and buy Juvederm today!

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