Each person is unique in appearance and has distinctive features. One of such features is a skin color which is regulated by a substance called Melanin. It’s a known fact that the smaller is the amount of melanin in the body, the lighter the person’s skin, and the other way around. Melanin production, in its turn, is regulated by such factors as hereditary, various health issues and ultraviolet radiation.


As a result of a disease, inflammation or use of certain medications, our skin can get covered in age spots. Especially unpleasant is their appearance in intimate areas. And, although these places are usually hidden by the underwear, excessive pigmentation can still cause a negative psychological impact. And this is where intimate skin bleaching comes into play.


Skin color in the intimate area can be of a different shade compared to the other body parts. In fact, there could be a very obvious contrast, because the perineum – area between the anus and genitals – has a tendency to darken with age. This is especially true for the fair-skinned people, both women and men. Such a contrast can trigger a low self-esteem and doubts about the beauty of one’s own body.

Intimate bleaching also concerns the lovers of modern, open and stylish swimwear as much as those involved in such types of sport or physical activity as swimming, gymnastics, figure skating, acrobatics and erotic dancing. Since these people perform movements in which certain body parts get exposed, it’s necessary to care for the skin in those places. Therefore, for the representatives of the above-mentioned professions, intimate skin bleaching can be considered a professional necessity.

In addition, many average people want to be attractive for their loved ones, therefore they strive to keep their “secret parts” looking perfect. And for that, they, too, turn to intimate bleaching.


So, what is intimate bleaching? It is a treatment or a course of treatments which lightens skin around the anus, labia, nipples, scrotum, bikini line as well as armpits.

Estheticians know a few methods of intimate skin lightening and rejuvenation. Amongst them are:

1. Intimate peeling – very straightforward and effective procedure with the use of specially formulated peeling solutions containing such skin bleaching ingredients kojic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), rucinol, niacinamide, glutathione, arbutin, retinol, bisabolol, liquorice extract. Requires two sessions and a proper aftercare with a use of barrier building cream and conditioning solution which inhibits melanin production. Results are usually noticeable after two weeks.

2. Phototherapy – a painless, but very costly procedure with the help of light. It activates biochemical processes which in its turn lightens the skin. Requires multiple “top up” sessions.

3. Laser which works for both intimate bleaching and intimate rejuvenation but requires 2 – 5 sessions and interruption of normal social activities such as visits to the swimming pool and sauna, sports and sex.


It should be noted right away that, as with the most aesthetic treatments, to achieve the desired result this procedure is best to be performed by an experienced specialist who regularly solves skin issues. However, not everyone can afford to have butthole bleaching done at a salon, but almost everyone strives for perfection. Thankfully, we live in times when many aesthetic procedures, including intimate skin bleaching, can be carried out at home: recently some very good professional grade products came out onto the market which allow this procedure to be performed in the comfort of your own home and be just as effective.

However, it’s important to remember that color changes in the intimate areas often occur due to hormonal imbalance, childbirth and as a result of aging. So, before deciding on DIY intimate bleaching, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist who will help to figure out what exactly caused the change of the skin color and suggests most beneficial treatment.


“What can I expect from such a procedure if I decide to go for it?” – you may ask yourself. The answer is obvious: skin lightening in the intimate areas, a well-groomed perineum and even skin color. When using professional grade intimate bleaching products, this can be easily achieved.


Usually, the main reason for undergoing intimate skin bleaching procedure is a desire to make the intimate area looking more attractive and rejuvenated. However, there are a few indications when this treatment is especially relevant: excessive pigmentation, sagging skin, enlargement of the vaginal ring, loss of tissue elasticity, aging.

There are also contraindications for intimate skin bleaching: pregnancy and lactation, herpes, hemorrhoids, open wounds, individual intolerance to the peel’s ingredients.


Quite often we are searching for an easy and affordable way to treat various aesthetic issues. For example, these days one of the most googled phrases is intimate bleaching DIY. Until recently, the only two products that were available for intimate skin bleaching at home was white clay, which is unsuitable for perineum area, and a much harsher hydrogen peroxide which doesn’t just cause discomfort but can result in a burn.

So, it is worth remembering that skin in intimate area is very delicate and need to be treated with care.

Also, it’s worth knowing that intimate bleaching is indicated for skin affected by excessive pigmentation, but if your skin is naturally dark, no amount of skin bleaching product will lighten it.

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