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March 27, 2020

Injectable L-Carnitine Anna's Cosmetics Aesthetics Makeup

It’s been twelve days since I posted last – too long for my liking, but I, as everyone else, have been trying to adjust to what’s currently happening in the world. As you can imagine, a lot of thinking and mind re-setting have taken place and I’ve decided to use the freed up time for getting myself in a good shape for summer. So, I’m back to regular jogging.

It was hard to begin, but then I remembered about L-Carnitine and started administering it IM half an hour before I get on the treadmill.

The results really surprise me: not only do I get extra stamina, but I actually sweat more which means I burn more. And that’s exactly what L-Carnitine is used for by the professional athletes and body builders: boosting physical performance and endurance and burning the fat.

L-Саrnіtіnе еnhаnсеѕ еnеrgу рrоduсtіоn, іmрrоvеѕ hеаrt аnd brаіn funсtіоn аnd muѕсulаr со-оrdіnаtіоn. Аѕ а rеѕult, іt promotes buіldіng of muscles, іnсrеаѕеѕ natural НGН lеvеlѕ аnd іmрrоvеѕ ѕtrеngth аnd ѕtаmіnа thаnkѕ tо ехtrа еnеrgу.

Where does the extra energy come from? L-Carnitine transfers fats to the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cells) where they break down into triglycerides. Then your body releases triglycerides and this gives you more energy and you get more fat burning power out of your workouts. Simple!

L-Carnitine injections don’t cost a fortune and you can use half a vial per workout. Buy a box and see how you get on. You can always order more because now that I use it myself, I always keep it in stock.

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