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If you are looking for a reliable dermal filler/absorbable skin implant for body augmentation, look no further. Here, on Anna’s Cosmetics, I am offering you the best cosmetic injectables for body augmentation available on the market:


HYACORP BODY CONTOURING MLF is a safe product line. They are manufactured in Germany (BioScience GmbH) and shipped to different countries of the world.

If you need to improve the shape of your buttocks, calves or other parts of body, then consider HYACORP BODY CONTOURING MLF. It is your best solution. However, do not try to increase the size of your breasts or treat your facial wrinkles with it. HYACORP BODY CONTOURING MLF is not intended for breast augmentation or facial wrinkles reduction (you can find review of such products in my online store).

Dermal filler HYACORP BODY CONTOURING MLF is introduced with a blunt cannula and its effect lasts for up to a year. This injectable filler is totally compatible with the body and is degradable with time.