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Hi everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of this beauty supply store and today I will answer the most frequent question: do fillers work? So, let’s begin!

These days, beauty injections became a natural thing and are used by all kinds of people around the world, young and old, men and women, office workers and Hollywood celebrities.

But are fillers really that effective?

Let’s see…

The first dermal fillers for the correction of age-related changes were invented in the 70s of the last century.


Then they consisted entirely of synthetic ingredients: silicone and paraffin.

Such products exist today as well, they are non-biodegradable, which means they are not removed from the body themselves.

This kind of fillers have several drawbacks, including:

  • they do not dissolve (which can be partially considered a plus),
  • they may migrate and end up in the most inappropriate places.
  • often cause allergies.

Why then are they generally used?

It’s all about the low price and long lasting effect.

Yes, such dermal fillers do work and the result obtained remains on the face for a long time, since the ingredients in the composition of such fillers do not react with the skin cells.

But don’t forget about the drawbacks of the first-generation formulations!

To reduce those, developers created dermal fillers with synthetic components, which are compatible with the human body as much as possible.

Our immune system does not perceive collagen as something foreign, so the risk of allergy is minimized.

Such dermal fillers also work, provide the desired effect and stay in your body for up to three years.

The following fillers belong to this group:

  • “Radiesse” based on calcium hydroxylapatite,
  • “Sculptra” based on synthetic poly-L-lactic acid.

This category, though, has several drawbacks:

  • the injected substance is still very dense, so the filler can also move to adjacent areas of the face, creating aesthetically undesirable results.
  • blockage of blood vessels and excessive swelling are still possible.


Aesthetic medicine has reached the point of creating biodegradable fillers, which are most often made on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

This component is included in most of the skin care products, because this substance can easily smooth out wrinkles and make the cells renew in a more active manner.

The most common hyaluronic acid-based fillers today are:

  • Juvederm,
  • Restylane,
  • Teosyal,
  • Surgiderm.

Side effects with these dermal fillers are VERY rare.

Their main drawback is the short-term action, compared to their older counterparts.


Yes, the last-generation dermal fillers, besides being the safest ones, also provide great rejuvenating effect.

The main thing is to choose the right filler and this already is the task of your aesthetic practitioner.

They should assess the issue, the skin condition and several other factors to ensure that you get the desired effect.

For example, if you use the same filler for the forehead lines and under the eyes, you may get a great effect under the eyes and see no changes in your forehead.

This is because different areas require hyaluronic acid gel with different characteristics, such as size of particles, viscosity, etc.


Another frequent question of first-time filler users is “Will wrinkles become deeper than before the treatment?”

The answer is NO!

First and foremost, some fillers improve the ability of your body to generate new cells.

So, while they are present, they promote a faster cell proliferation, which in its turn promotes collagen production.

Most users report a positive before and after fillers result, i.e. their wrinkles when the effect ends are less pronounced than they were before the injection.

Most anti-agers, though, prefer to re-inject fillers when the time comes to preserve the effect and enjoy their young and fresh look day by day.

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