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For a long time now, I have been thinking about adding to my online store a HGH Dosage Calculator plugin, but I cannot find it. They are either not available, meaning they haven’t been created yet. Or I lack proper research skills. However, I came across all sorts of other calculator plugins: Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI), Pregnancy Calculator, Fertility and Ovulation Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, Ideal Weight Calculator – you name it! But nothing on a subject of HGH dosage calculator.

Hey everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of this beauty supply store and today I have decided to write a short blog article which may help you a little. I will explain reconstitution, withdrawal and how to convert mg to IU (International Units) when you start HGH treatment on the example of the most sought-after human growth hormone brand called Humatrope.


As mentioned above, Humatrope is one of the brands of human growth hormone. Important to mention that compared to different Chinese brands of HGH, Humatrope is known as a high potency pharmaceutical grade HGH.

Humatrope is manufactured by Eli Lilly, a French pharmaceutical company. The company owns subsidiaries in almost every country, Turkey being one of their main and cheap labor locations. That is where Humatrope sold on Anna’s Cosmetics comes from.

This human growth hormone comes in a form of lyophilized powder. It is indicated for subcutaneous or intramuscular administration after reconstitution. It represents a highly purified preparation of human growth hormone called Somatropin.

Humatrope is available in different doses, but if you are a regular user of HGH, the 72 IU pack offers the best bang for your buck.

Every Humatrope pack sold on Anna’s Cosmetics comes as a cartridge. Ideally, the cartridge must be used with HumatroPen injection device. But HumatroPen injection device needs to be purchased/ordered separately. It is not freely available for sale and in most cases can be obtained only by registered HGH patients. By all means, try to call your local representative of Eli Lilly who is available in almost every country, register with them as a HGH patient and try to order it from them. The process is lengthy and there is no guarantee it will become available to you.

So, how do you use Humatrope without Humatropen injection device? Is there a way? Absolutely! There is no HGH dosage calculator available as a plugin, but don’t fear, Anna is here! 😁


First, know that when you purchase Humatrope 72 IU from Anna’s Cosmetics, it comes in a pack with a strange looking device and a cartridge. One contains 24 g of Somatropin (72 IU), the human growth hormone in a form of lyophilized powder. The other contains 3 mL of diluting solution. The diluent consists of water for injection, 0.3% metacresol as a preservative and 0.29% of glycerin.

“What is this strange looking device?” – you may ask. It is a reconstitution device. You use it to mix Somatropin powder with the diluent.

It is quite straightforward to use the reconstitution device, so you will not have any problems with that. But once it has been reconstituted, how do you withdraw it? And the most important, how do you withdraw the right dose? When you have HumatroPen available, the pen has a dial which helps you set up the right dose. But when all you have is a cartridge with mixed Somatropin, that is when it gets challenging.


After you have reconstituted Humatrope, you need to know how to gage the amount for injection.

First and most important, get a U-100 insulin syringe, for example, like the one I sell – 1cc syringe Becton Dickinson. You will need it to draw and inject Humatrope.

Second, remember that we used 3 mL of water to reconstitute 72 IU (International Units) of Somatropin.

Since 1 ml of water is equal of 100 IU (International Units), this means that in total we used 300 IU of water.

So now let us divide 300 IU of water by 72 IU of Somatropin. See below:

300 IU / 72 IU = 4.2

The 4.2 corresponds to 4 markings on a U-100 insulin syringe. In our case this means that every 4 markings on the syringe are equal 1 IU of Somatropin.

Do you want to draw 2 IU of Humatrope? Then draw out to the 8th mark on the syringe and so on.


First, note how much of the actual HGH powder (Somatropin) in International Units you are dealing with. This is something you should know when you are buying it. Please do not mistake milligrams (mg) for units (IU). And always remember that 1 mg of reconstituted HGH equals to 3 IU. So, if the pack you have purchased contains 24 mg, after reconstitution with 3 ml of water, it will be equal to 72 IU.

Second, note the amount of diluent the pack comes with. Usually, you can find this info on the box. You will be mixing the diluent with HGH powder (Somatropin).

Third, divide the amount of water in International Units (IU) by the amount of HGH powder, also measured in International Units (NOT in mg). The number you get tells you how many markings on a U-100 syringe represent 1 unit of HGH.

Last, decide how many units of HGH you want to inject. Multiply it by the number of markings on the syringe which make up 1 unit of HGH and draw up to the number of markings which you get after multiplying. In our example, if it’s 4 units of HGH you want to inject, then multiply 4 x 4 and withdraw amount of liquid sitting up to 16 markings on the syringe.

Hope this was helpful. Good luck! Oh, two more things: first, don’t forget to share this HGH dosage calculator with anyone who uses HGH and needs help to understand how to reconstitute it. And second, if you or your friends also use peptides, then you may also find useful my peptide reconstitution calculator!

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