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Hands Rejuvenation Anna's Cosmetics

Hands rejuvenation is a standard these days. Read below how to deal with it and buy your favorite dermal filler from my online store Anna’s Cosmetics.


“How old do my hands look?” – that’s the question I often ask myself these days.

According to statistics, premature aging of hands is a growing concern for many women: whilst cooking, cleaning, caring for kids, pets and elders our hands are always exposed. As a result, their skin thins, making veins look more prominent and a failure to apply a sun cream to hands as regularly as we do to the face makes them more susceptible to sunspots and aging. While make-up can disguise the signs of ageing on the face, it’s more difficult with hands and that is precisely why they are considered to be the best indicator of a woman’s age.

So, why hide your facial wrinkles if your hands still give away your true age?

Banishing signs of aging on the hands seem to be the latest cosmetic surgery trend. Forget Glabella Lines and Crow’s feet: celebrities and pop-stars are seen having dermal fillers injected in their hands!

Looking young and plump and having no need to hide them with gloves and long sleeves, your hands will give you the confidence to express yourself: gesticulating, sweeping the hair off your face, greeting new and old friends – they are on show all the time! So by making them look their best, you help yourself look and feel much younger.


There is good news for hundreds of thousands of women currently using Radiesse as a facial dermal filler for wrinkles, loss of facial volume, facial lipoatrophy, vocal cord deficiencies as well as scars and chin dimples: Radiesse has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to also be used as a dermal filler for hands. Manufactured by Merz Aesthetics, the volumizing dermal filler previously used solely for improving the facial appearance via smoothing out wrinkles and contouring facial features now can also be used for hands rejuvenation. So in a future, you could be booking your aesthetic practitioner for a filler treatment on both your face and hands within the same session if required.

Radiesse dermal filler can magically hide the bones and tendons visible on your hands, for as long as up to 12 months. It works by increasing the volume of the skin layers to make hands appear smoother and naturally voluminous with almost instant results. This for sure should make the millions of women satisfied with what they are paying for.


Radiesse will make your hands feel stronger and plumper in contrast to a fragile and weak look which can often be judged by many as an inability to perform tasks as competent or quick as someone with youthful looking hands. To overcome this misconception, a quick treatment with a dermal filler such as Radiesse can give you the confidence and strength to continue with chores, sports and hobbies like you always have.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite microspheres, the key ingredient within Radiesse gel, stimulate the natural production of Collagen that is responsible for optimum elasticity within your skin. It is the safest filler for all skin types. Using it for hands rejuvenation creates a seamless transition from your hand and beyond the wrist, without leaving any noticeable border in between.

It is advisable to seek a certified practitioner to carry out Botox treatments or dermal filler injections. Due to the complexity of nerves, veins and blood vessels present under your skin, your aesthetic practitioner will ensure a minimal bruising, redness and swelling at the site of injection as well as the best possible results.

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