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Dermal Fillers for Acne

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Unfortunately, age and external factors are not the only ones that we have to fight on our way to a smooth and young skin. Acne scars can become a single, yet very unpleasant issue for any person, who cares about their appearance. Great news is that you can use a cosmetic filler to solve a variety of aesthetic problems, including the acne scars.

While improving the general appearance of your skin, dermal fillers will also help you eliminate wrinkles and add volume to the lips for an even more dramatic improvement.


Your dermatologist uses a very thin needle to introduce the filler in your skin. It lifts the skin and levels its surface. In addition, dermal fillers are capable of breaking up the scar tissue.

Why is it good? Because dermal fillers also stimulate collagen production, which means that new tissue will be formed in places of their injection. So, the filler breaks the scar tissue and helps new, healthy tissue form in its place, thus smoothing out the scars.

Of course, no one says that a single filler treatment will solve the issue of acne scars at once. But it will certainly make your skin look smoother than it was before the treatment, EVEN when your body metabolizes the filler completely. At that, touch ups will require less amount of filler injected due to this long-going effect of fillers treatment for acne scars.

It might take some time for the filler to settle and provide the final result, though you already can rejoice with what you see in the mirror after applying a little makeup – a smooth skin, even under different light angles.

Now back to the procedure itself. As a rule, a filler injection session lasts 20 to 40 minutes although, of course, these are the average numbers. If you have too many acne scars, it may take longer, so when you schedule the treatment, do allow some additional time.

You may also need touch ups to achieve full correction of the skin imperfections, but those are usually performed a bit later, so you will have enough time to receive your order from me, Anna, because I use the fastest possible delivery services.


Dermal fillers are unique in their ability to provide immediate restoration of the facial volume that you lost because of the acne scars. The full effect, however, becomes visible in a matter of 2 to 5 days after the cosmetic treatment.

As for the actual duration of fillers effects, it usually lasts up to 24 months and depends on such factors, as:

  • type of the product used
  • severity of acne scars
  • your metabolic rate.

Choosing the right formulation will help you achieve better results. Each has its own unique properties that must be adapted to specific areas of the face. To learn more about the benefits of specific dermal fillers, you can read other articles on Anna’s Cosmetics (Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm, Belotero, Teosyal and many others), which might help you make an informed choice of fillers.


Congratulations, you took an important step to get rid of acne scars and raise your confidence level, and now you need to take care of the area treated. No, it’s not about some difficult rehabilitation techniques or the need to visit your doctor. It’s far from what patients do to rehab after a surgical intervention, for example.

It is very simple. In fact, you won’t have to do much, yet you do need to avoid some activities, such as:

  • Massaging your face, even if the massage comes from a professional. You will have to live without facial massage for at least 7 days (better make it 14 days, to make sure)
  • Using heavy exfoliators. Big no-no! Let your skin have some free time from aggressive products. These are banned for 7 to 14 days, as well.
  • Intense exercising. You don’t want any additional swelling. Let your lymphatic system cope with the fillers first, and then you can go back to keeping fit. This limitation only lasts for 24 hours, so it doesn’t mean that you will lose your body shape while getting a perfect face.
  • Drinking alcohol. Well, you might want to celebrate the positive changes, but you certainly have to delay the party for at least 24 hours. If you need to visit an important social event, better abstain from alcohol or schedule your treatment after the event (at least 48 hours after alcohol consumption).

This is it. Not that difficult, right?

And now just a quick note about possible skin reactions. After all, you are getting injections in your face, while even a simple blood test can leave a mark on your skin, like bruising or swelling.

Well, it is a normal thing, so if you notice some bruising or swelling after a filler treatment, do not worry. They usually persist up to a week, no more. In the meantime, you can cover them with a little makeup.


My experience shows that dermal fillers are one of the most affordable options for treating acne scars, as well as one of the safest and most effective treatments. Results are instant and even improve over several days.

While the major effect lasts up to 24 months (depending on the filler type), the long-term benefits make the treatment worth it. All these are topped off with the simplicity and short duration of both the actual treatment and the rehabilitation period.

If you are ready for the final step, yet not sure which fillers to buy, you can ask your dermatologist or contact me, Anna, via the chat or email, and I will help you choose the filler which works for acne scars or any other issue that you want to solve. Don’t hesitate. I am always happy to provide my customers with positive experience only.

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