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May 6, 2020

Fat dissolving injections beauty supply store Anna's Cosmetics

My dear customers and visitors! Like most of you, I’ve found it hard to deal with COVID-19. That’s why I haven’t updated this page for quite some time. But now that life is slowly getting back to normal, I’ve noticed an increased demand for fat dissolving injections. This doesn’t surprise me because the summer is already here and we all want to get rid of the extra fat accumulated during the winter and weeks of quarantine. So, today I’m sharing with you a photo of the fat dissolving injections that I sell. Among them are Aqualyx from Italy, Deoxycholic 10% from Spain and two products made in South Korea: Dermaheal LL and Prostrolane Inner-B.

The first two have the same main ingredient Deoxycholic acid. It’s a well known fat dissolving agent.

Dermaheal LL is a lipolytic based on Phosphatidylcholine, a thoroughly researched fat emulsifier, and Carnitine which plays an important role in breakdown of lipids.

The last one – Prostrolane Inner-B – is a novel peptide complex developed specially for reduction of localized fat in the abdomen, buttocks, back of the thighs and under the chin.

“How do I choose the right one?” – I hear your asking.

First of all, bear in mind these are NOT weight loss products. So, if you want to lose weight, please visit the Weigh Loss Pills category. I also sell Phentermine and Sibutramine, but for them you need to email me.

Second, although all of these fat dissolving injections ensure safe and efficient localized fat reduction, they differ in price, value for money (number of mL a certain amount of money can buy), country of origin and level of discomfort. Based on my own experience, Aqualyx and Deoxyhcolic 10% give burning during and after procedure while both South Korean products are absolutely painless.

There is a lot of mixed reviews on the net about the efficacy of fat dissolving injections. As you’ve figured, I tried all of them and I’m convinced that like with all medical aesthetic treatments, results of Aqualyx, Deoxycholic 10%, Dermaheal LL and Prostrolane are INDIVIDUAL and CUMULATIVE. Talking simply, by “individual” I mean if it works for you, there is no guarantee it will work for me. And “cumulative” means two things:

  • One vial of fat dissolving solution won’t rid you of belly fat. You need to stick to a protocol, administer the right dose, do the recommended number of treatments and sometimes opt for adjuvant tools such as ultrasound cavitation machine and manual lymphatic massage with a use of Aqualyx body lotion.
  • You absolutely must combine fat dissolving treatment with a healthy lifestyle, i.e. low calorie diet, reduced alcohol intake and moderate exercise. Because staying active, be it regular walking or intense cardio, helps to eliminate dissolved fat from your body.

You often ask me if I think a fat dissolving product will give you the desired results. Sadly, there is no way to predict how your body will respond to a product until you try it. It would’ve been great if it was possible though. Because it would’ve saved us a lot of money and disappointment. BUT…… you either take a risk and go for it or you remain unhappy with your body. It’s a very simple choice.

So, thank you for reading. I wish you to stay healthy. Also, I encourage you to take a chance and finally try the much-talked about fat dissolving injections!

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