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March 15, 2020

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Good Sunday morning, everyone! ☀️

I’m reaching out to you today to say that I’m here regardless of the COVID-19. I continue selling, packing (although wearing a mask and gloves) and shipping. The cargo flights are not affected neither by the COVID, nor by the White House travel ban and the Fedex network continues to support trade with some contingency plans in place which will minimize service disruptions. So, if you need me and my products, I’m here as always.

On the positive note, check out the pictures that I recently received from one of my customers. She is a very talented and passionate medical esthetician with years of experience and tons of knowledge.  A while ago she purchased from me a vial of hair growth serum Dermaheal M. Booster to treat her husband’s hair loss. The “Before” is on the bottom and the “After” is on top and this is only after 3 treatments of micro-needling it only into the scalp, not injecting. That’s quite a result, huh?

Dermaheal M. Booster Hair serum is a very rare and sought after product. Currently, there are only 2 vials left in stock with no new delivery dates, so if you or your beloved one suffer from hair loss, I suggest you get it ASAP. Obviously, keep in mind that the results are individual and if it worked for my customer’s husband, it may not work for you. But nevertheless, when it comes to such an upsetting issue as hair loss, I think it’s a worth a try. Also, to fortify the effect of Dermaheal M. Booster, you can do the follow up treatment with Dermaheal HL Anti Hair Loss Solution.

In the meantime, I would like to thank esthetician Teresa for sending these pictures and allowing me to share them with you. Thank you, Teresa! ❤️

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