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Dermal fillers around the mouth

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments, intended to improve overall appearance and eliminate signs of aging. Modern dermal fillers allow erasing lines around mouth, correct the shape of lips and make them more expressive.

Due to the onrush of beauty injections technology, every woman these days can become a proud owner of gorgeous lips. Dermal fillers provide impressive results in correcting various lip imperfections, such as:

  • Insufficient volume 
  • Irregular shape
  • Blurred outline
  • Lowered corners of the lips
  • Lines around mouth
  • Age-related changes.

The best news is that the possibility of correcting all these AT ONCE is a reality, and not a myth. Yes, that is correct. You will need just one dermal filler treatment for lips to get rid of all these little things that make you upset and unsatisfied with your looks.

The procedure will replenish your attractiveness and sexuality, and last but not the least, will provide a long-lasting aesthetic result. Filler will increase the volume of even the thinnest lips, correct the mouth asymmetry, and will provide a beneficial effect over your skin.

Usually, filler users notice all these improvements right after the first treatment. Lips get the volume desired, their shape becomes clear and pronounced, the skin is smoothed and filled with moisture. And the lines around mouth are less noticeable or fully erased. 

If you, however, are not happy with the final result, you can always schedule touch ups and make an additional corrections of your lips, to make them as perfect as you wish.

Benefits of cosmetic fillers:


The entire procedure takes about 20 to 40 minutes while each injection takes just a few minutes. There is no need for a difficult preparation or after-treatment care.

Some results are visible immediately. Though, of course, just as it is with any other aesthetic treatment, the entire effect can be assessed when your skin restores completely, i.e. in about 2-5 days.


Fillers, designed to correct the mouth shape, may contain lidocaine – analgesic component, which eliminates possible discomfort caused by the injections.


Dermal fillers are safe for your health, and are very rare to cause any serious adverse events. Filler is injected using a syringe with a sterile needle, which eliminates the risk of infection.


If you made the decision to plump your lips along for the ride with your friend, or simply changed your mind about making your face look different, there’s no need to worry! The composition of dermal fillers for lips and lines around mouth allows reversing the whole thing.

Simply call your doctor, schedule an appointment and get hyaluronidase injected. It will metabolize the hyaluronic acid in your filler, and erase all the changes for good. Isn’t it great?


Cost of dermal fillers for lip augmentation is significantly lower than the cost of many other ways to correct the mouth line, like a face or neck lift or laser treatment (and don’t forget about the previous benefit).

Oh well, you surely heard it before, and possibly considered trying it, but I must re-assure you once again: you don’t realize how powerful the effect of dermal fillers is until you try them.

If you, on the contrary, are ready to dive in and get your lips augmented as soon as possible, you can easily proceed with ordering dermal fillers online from my beauty supply store Anna’s Cosmetics. Piece of cake!

I, Anna, work only with original products supplied by the licensed pharmacists and wholesalers, so you can be sure that I’ll send you top-quality fillers, which will ensure both safety and perfect results. Do you have any questions left, or maybe have new ones after reading this article?

Feel free and enjoy reading other posts from my beauty blog, or contact me directly and I will happily answer your questions and guide you through the ordering process. As for delivery of your order, you can use the tracking number to see your order getting to your doorstep.

Remember, beauty is a fragile gift and we need to take care of it to stay beautiful and ageless at all times!

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