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Eartox How To Fix Sagging Earlobes with Earlobe Filler beauty supply store Anna's Cosmetics

It’s true. Earrings make us, girls feel glamorous indeed: they ooze confidence and style whilst giving the finishing touches to our outfit. Earrings give ladies an excuse to not only show off their platinum and gold, but also those precious diamonds and rubies that otherwise sit tucked away in the closet. With age, our features naturally feel the force of gravity and our ears demonstrate this more than any other feature. Our earlobes grow 0.22mm a year. And this is when time comes to undergo Eartox.

Hi everyone, I’m Anna, the founder of this beauty supply store. And in this post I re-tell the story of a mother of four, Susan Johnston who was a prime example of this scenario. Susan first had her ears pierced in the seventies and since then has noticed a considerable loss of volume in her ear lobes that she would often get remarks from passersby that her earring was about to fall off. It was in fact not! It just seemed to appear that way due to the severe droopiness.

Was it the decades of wearing heavy statement and big loopy earrings that had caused her earlobes to now behave this way? The loss of collagen and elastin paired with aging is also a major factor to contribute. Menopause and the drop in estrogen levels also contributes to less Collagen production. Susan knew there was a solution to volumizing her droopy lobes and it went by the name of Eartox.


Well, Susan had 0.75ml of Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler injected into each of her lobes. It took less than 15 minutes and cost $400. There was no pain, just a slight sensation similar to a bee sting. What’s more the effects were instant! Susan’s face and confidence have been uplifted. She can tie her hair back once again and show off her earrings.

Eartox is a safer method of improving the earlobe appearance, in comparison to other methods that involve trimming and reshaping it to the correct angle. Eartox also doesn’t require regular top ups and maintains itself very well without any muscle present. This means there is no enzyme to break down the filler either.

The psychology of how attractive our earlobes look, inevitably grows as we age. The more we want to improve our aging appearance, the more we will scrutinize each and every feature of our body to make it look immaculately perfect. Women will also increase their wear of jewelry as they age too, so wearing earrings becomes an important part of their morning schedule, which will only work if their earlobes are compatible too.

To learn more about dermal fillers that you can buy from Anna’s Cosmetics and how they can help you achieve the perfect earlobes via Eartox, contact me either by email at [email protected] or call me on +1 (626) 578 5197


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