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January 27, 2020

Dysport or Botox Anna's Cosmetics Aesthetics Makeup

Happy Monday, everyone! 😊 I am often asked whether I prefer Dysport or Botox. I must confess, it’s not easy to answer. It depends on many factors. So today’s topic of my post is Dysport.

Dysport is one of botulinum toxins sold here, on Anna’s Cosmetics. There are a couple of things which I absolutely MUST share with you, just to save you money and disappointment.

First, Dysport that I sell comes in a large dose of 500 units. These are not the same units as Allergan’s Botox is measured in. Dysport is measured in Speywood units, so 500 Speywood units is approximately equal to 180 Botox units. Please keep this in mind.

Another thing is Dysport reconstitution. Considering the above mentioned difference in units, you should NOT reconstitute Dysport the same way as Botox. The single patient dose for a treatment with Dysport is 125 Speywood units. It is reconstituted with 0.625 cc of sodium chloride. This means that a 500 IU vial of Dysport should be diluted with only 2.5 cc of saline.

Hope you find this useful.

Have a great week! ❤️

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