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Although corns (calluses) are generally considered a minor problem, the research shows that they are frequent and painful and affect the quality of our life, especially with age.

Normal corns caused by Hyperkeratosis – abnormal thickening of the outer layer of the skin because of too much pressure, usually in combination with repetitive friction – and Exostosis which is a benign growth of cartilaginous tissue on a bone, i.e. formation of new bone on the surface of an existing bone.

If the corns manifest themselves in a series of problems, from acute pain to chronic pain, that can result in biomechanical changes of the skeleton that lead to anomalies in the way of walking, chronic back pain and other problems.

Current solutions include the use of pads or other external fillings for cushioning the callus and reducing the pressure in the affected area, or surgery to remove the Exostosis. Dermal filler Aquamid Reconstruction offers an economic, safe and simple solution for such a painful problem. Injected around the callus creating a long-lasting protective padding, the filler offers immediate relief: a volumizer that is integrated into the tissues of the foot covers the affected area with a durable layer of comfort and relief.

What is Heloma Durum? 

Heloma Durum is Hard Callus. By observing the anatomy of the feet, we find many cases where the toes are not stretched, but curved and the toes’ joints are deformed. Placing such toes in tight shoes is one of the biggest causes of calluses: the protruding joints rub against the inside of the shoe and the skin compensates this additional pressure by hardening in the contact area. The developed Heloma Durum protects the bone structure which lays under the skin.

What is Heloma Molle?

Heloma Molle is Soft Callus that usually forms between the fourth and the fifth toes when one of the phalanges of the foot is too wide and press to the nearest toe. This problem can aggravate with the use of tight shoes and even occur in young and healthy people with normal strong bones.
Soft calluses they are especially frequent in those of us, girls, who wear high heels since we transfer the weight of our body to the front of the foot.

Treatment with a dermal filler Aquamid Reconstruction for Heloma Durum and Heloma Molle offers a satisfactory solution for a very common problem. It is a solution that is not invasive, fast and less traumatic than surgical options. It is safe and easy to use, and with proper practice can be turned into a routine procedure in podiatry clinics.

Why dermal filler Aquamid Reconstruction?

A soft and viscous hydrogel, dermal filler Aquamid Reconstruction is injected in the area subcutaneously becoming a part of soft and stable tissue, providing volume to support and cushion the zone around the corns.

Aquamid Reconstruction is a transparent hydrogel, colorless and biocompatible compound for 97.5% of water and 2.5% of polyacrylamide. This composition gives the gel its unique characteristics in terms of elasticity, viscosity and stability. Scientists have proven that dermal filler Aquamid integrates with the adjoining tissue through a network of fine fibers of connective tissue. Once injected, it maintains its shape and dimensions and does not migrate or move to other areas thanks to its large molecular size and viscosity. Over time, the gel degrades, allowing access of the immune system. The gel is hydrophilic, so thanks to regular exchange of water it converts into an integral part of the tissue.

The safety of a dermal filler Aquamid is supported by more than 5000 patients and more than 10 clinical trials, including a clinical trial in the US with 24 months of follow-up and another in Europe for 5 years. Clinical data shows that more than 95% of Podiatry patients are highly satisfied after 6 months.

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