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I, Anna, have gathered a variety of dermal fillers and they all are available for sale on Anna’s Cosmetics. Please note, that the indication “with LIDOCAINE” is present on some fillers’ packages and is absent on the others. This means that some contain the mentioned substance, and the others don’t.

What’s the difference, you may ask. Well, the list of LIDOCAINE uses includes “local anesthetic”. It relieves pain and discomfort in the treated area. Its mechanism of action implies the inhibition of the ionic refluxes, required for the initiation and conduction of pain impulses.

LIDOCAINE hydrochloride can be safely combined with many dermal fillers. Off-the-shelf fillers contain a fixed dose of anesthetic. While it is very convenient in most cases, exceptions are still possible.

You can add the required dose of pure anesthetic solution to the dermal fillers. At any given time, the dosage can be adjusted according to the body response. In addition, LIDOCAINE injection can be done before various aesthetic and dermatological procedures, which can potentially cause pain.