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HGH or Human Growth Hormone is an element necessary for the normal functioning and maintenance of the body vitality and the metabolic processes that take place in it. This hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland. Its deficiency, as well as an excess, negatively affects the normal functioning of the human body.

Proven pharmacological properties of the HGH allow highlighting a number of benefits of its regular use:

~ Promotes effective burning of subcutaneous fat

~ Provides a pronounced anabolic effect, i.e. promotes the development of “lean” muscles;

~ Increases the strength and endurance of the human body;

~ Improves potency;

~ Normalizes the general hormone profile, memory, improves the intellectual abilities of a person and enhances the immune system.

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the HGH (human growth hormone) is also characterized by a number of other positive effects, and their list is quite long. There is no need to repeat all over again that the HGH has found a wide application in sports, especially in bodybuilding and strength sports. As a rule, athletes take the human growth hormone after exercising.
The recombinant form of human growth hormone, produced in laboratories is called Somatropin. Somatropin is 100% bioidentical to the naturally occurring HGH that our pituitary gland secretes.

Somatotropin blood plasma concentration reaches the highest level at 4-6 months of intrauterine development. It is about 100 times higher than that of an adult. Then, the secretion gradually decreases with age.

It is minimal in middle-aged and the elderly people, in whom both the basic level and the frequency and amplitude of secretion peaks are reduced. The baseline level of the HGH is at the maximum in early childhood, and the peak secretion amplitude reaches the maximum level in adolescents during the period of intensive growth and puberty.

Simply put, somatotropin secretion in people almost completely stops by the age of 40, and we continue getting old inexorably.
There is a good reason for the fact that HGH is one of the most treasured substances among anti-agers and bodybuilders. The first ones refer to it as “the fountain of youth”, while the athletes consider it the “secret potion”, which accelerates fat loss, promotes energy and muscle-growth like nothing else does.

As already mentioned, the older a person becomes, the more strongly the secretion of various hormones in his body is inhibited. Decreased HGH secretion affects the body in a negative manner and leads to premature aging.

One of the key effects of the human growth hormone is its ability to rejuvenate the body and suppress, as well as mitigate the processes and external signs of aging. In women, one of the typical and very unpleasant external signs of the HGH deficiency are:

~ Appearance of wrinkles on the face and sagging cheeks

~ Overall weakening of the skin tone

~ Weakening of the muscles of the hips and neck

~ Weight gain.

Fortunately, such deficiencies can be corrected by injecting the human growth hormone. Such treatments, help you get rid of the enlisted signs of your own growth hormone secretion inhibition. At that, they contribute to:

~ Overall rejuvenation of your body as a whole

~ Possible depressions prevention

~ Your immunity boost

~ Vitality increase.

All these will make you feel young again. And that is why you should buy HGH.

These effects of HGH injections are equal for both men and women.
The first scientist, who studied the effects of the human growth hormone over the elderly, was the English endocrinologist Daniel Rudman, who published the results of a six-month study in 1990. He injected the HGH in 26 elderly men aged 60 to 80 years. The study results revealed amazing effects that shook the entire scientific world.

The trial participants, who were formerly weakened, decrepit and had considerable fat deposits, became fit, slim and younger. Transformation that those men went through could be compared to rejuvenation for 10-20 years. One of men, whose hair was gray at the beginning of the trial, got his hair color back by the end of it.

Some have seen such an increase in vital energy, that even their younger wives found it difficult to compete with. In a part of the trial subjects, wrinkles on their hands and face have smoothed out almost completely, and their skin turgor enhanced. Body weight has decreased mainly due to the elimination of fat from the abdomen. The muscle mass increased by 8-10%. The loss of fat mass amounted to about 20%.

Through this study, scientists have found out that aging, which is considered natural for the human body, can be stopped or even reversed. For then on, old age is considered nothing more than a decrease in the human growth hormone levels. Since that time, various studies of this hormone have been and are being carried out to this day, yet many people no longer wait for the research results. Instead, they start their own human growth hormone therapy independently or with the help of doctors.
There is a common opinion that human growth hormone has side effects that can lead to serious negative consequences. Fortunately, these false claims are far from reality. The drug is completely safe and does not provoke any side effects, especially if it is used in reasonable dosages for cosmetic or medical purposes.
Multiple reviews reveal the fact that, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy the human growth hormone and make its regular injections. Due to the technological complexity of the production of this type drugs, its cost is quite high. However, these facts are unlikely to become a revelation for people somehow close to sports or those, who are strongly into regaining or maintaining their youth.

HGH supplements and gel are not included into the list of available products, because they are not approved by the FDA, and their effectiveness is not proven 100%.
Anna’s Cosmetics sells only 100% HGH made by the large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Merck and Eli Lilly. These brands are the ones FDA approved and distributed in the USA while intentionally overpricing them for the US market.