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AQUALYX is an innovative cosmetic product with a unique biophysical profile. It is especially designed for people who want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat.

Unlike the similar product KYBELLA, which is sold only in the US, AQUALYX is available worldwide. To read my featured article “Aqualyx – The Affordable Alternative To Kybella”, visit my blog.

The inventor of AQUALYX is Pasquale Motolese, a professor and famous plastic surgeon. Sales of the aesthetic solution started in 2009. Despite quite a high cost, more than 2 million bottles have been sold already.


AQUALYX is intended for noninvasive (nonsurgical) aesthetic treatments. Therefore, the recovery process, associated with treatment, is minimal in most cases. Aftercare for weight loss injections is usually not required. Results last years without touch-up sessions.

Marllor Biomedical Company, the manufacturer of AQUALYX, manufactures this product in the form of gel-based solution. Deoxycholate is the active element. This synthetic version of bile acid:

~ Surrounds fat cells and makes them unstable

~ Destroys accumulated fat in the most stubborn areas

~ Cell residue is removed from the treated area, and released fatty acid is converted into energy.

AQUALYX is appreciated very much by women and some men, because it turns their bottoms into neat peaches. However, AQUALYX can be used in almost any area of the body, including the following:

~ Chest
~ Knees
~ Back
~ Waist
~ Double chin
~ Jowls & side of chin
~ Inner thighs
~ Upper arms.

In addition, plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners often recommend AQUALYX for treatment of gynecomastia (hypertrophy of the fatty layer in male chest).

AQUALYX is not used to treat overweight or obesity, it does not replace physical activity and low-calorie diets. However, this product is of great interest for people, who can not get rid of stubborn fat.

After the procedure, the fat pockets do not appear again. The results of treatment will persist, provided that you maintain constant weight.


AQUALYX is a safe dissolution of localized fat deposits, especially if we compare this procedure with surgical intervention.

Most adverse reactions are weak. They may include: slight bruising from injections, redness and swelling. Do not be alarmed by this list of possible undesirable effects. You may not get any of them at all.

You may need to take some painkillers to control any pain-related adverse reactions and use either Aqualyx Body Lotion for softening the irritation and tenderness, or Chelaskin cream, which relieves the redness and bruising.

The face requires only a small amount of AQUALYX solution, so the side effects are minimal.


Before you go through the aesthetic treatment, tell your aesthetic practitioner about your health, past illnesses and mesotherapy sessions. Tell them if you have recently used or are currently using any medication.

Fat dissolving injections AQUALYX are suitable for most people, who want to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, but not for everyone.

AQUALYX is contraindicated in the following conditions:

~ Diabetes
~ Pregnancy
~ Breastfeeding
~ Lipodystrophy syndromes
~ Intolerance to product components.

A complete list of contraindications is indicated in the manufacturer’s leaflet.

AQUALYX is designed to solve a whole range of aesthetic problems, but only in adult patients (18 to 60 years).

On Anna’s Cosmetics, you can buy AQUALYX, as well as other aesthetic solutions, which destroy the membranes of fat cells, such as BELKYRA. Read my reviews, compare prices and choose which is best for you.