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Brotox or Botox for men is an extremely popular trend these days: the number of men turning to cosmetology and use of Brotox has tripled in recent years. No, you read it correctly: BRO-TOX. Combining two words “Brother” and “Botox”, this is how cosmetologists and plastic surgeons now call Botox for men.


Brotox, or Botox for men, or male Botox is a rejuvenating procedure based on purified botulinum toxin type A — a poison eliminating wrinkles without any serious side effects. The only difference between Brotox and regular Botox treatment is sex of a patient.

If years ago, knowing that a guy had Botox done was raising eyebrows, nowadays, medspa owners state that Botox popularity is growing at a very high rate: since 2002, a year when Botox was officially approved for cosmetic indications, amount of men who had done botulinum toxin injections has increased by 337 percent. Whether this procedure grew its popularity among men after it was renamed is not known, but in 2018 in the United States alone 600,000 guys became younger looking thanks to Brotox.

The rise of Brotox trend is explained by the fact that guys are getting concerned about aging no less than women:

  • some do Brotox because they compared their mirror image with old photos and didn’t like what they saw;
  • the others were given cosmetic gift vouchers by caring wives;
  • the rest believe that those who look good get the highest salaries and prettiest girls.

However, there are differences how Botox treatment is perceived by men compared to women: American Society of Plastic Surgeons believes that women don’t mind having their faces look “frozen” or “over-done”. In fact, many even strive for such result because it’s a sign of wealth and well-to-do status while guys, on the contrary, want to look maximum natural after minimally invasive Brotox.


According to doctors, main reason why guys go for it is because they want to look younger in order to improve their social standing and personal life. Ten years ago, horizontal forehead wrinkles in a 45-year-old guy seemed to be quite attractive both for the guy himself and his woman. It was giving an impression of maturity, wisdom, experience. But today men don’t want to look noticeably older than their girlfriends. They too want to take advantage of aesthetic medicine.

Interestingly, Brotox is highly popular with men working in financial and business industry: those guys get it done by request of their wives and girlfriends because being successful, young and good-looking is fashionable. Even Allergan, Botox’s manufacturer, has been pursuing a marketing policy aimed at men: back in 2008 they posted a statement on the company’s official website which emphasized that Botox was created not only for women, but for guys too. To give this statement more credibility, they stack a picture of retired Olympic swimming champion Mark Spitz endorsing Botox.

Also, last financial crisis played an important role in taking Botox to its glory in men’s world: every time the economy experiences a downturn, many 40-50 years old guys, who work in banking or advertising, are forced to look for a new job. While job hunting, they want to look young, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. That’s why popularity of Brotox, as well as expensive haircuts and even male manicure, is very dependent on economic leaps.


Previously, it was believed that real men must be decorated with scars, wrinkles and other aesthetic flaws, but these stereotypes ran their course. The new reality is the fact that men actively look after themselves and just as actively fight wrinkles. But why? Simply because looking handsome and young gives a feeling of being successful and this has a good impact on business as well as personal life. Modern guys believe that good appearance helps their careers.

The best candidates for Brotox are businessmen, lawyers, people from the world of fashion or art with a high income and aged 35-65 years: they go for Botox injections 3-4 times a year. This is where their similarities end and differences begin: men of different races and nationalities — Asians, African Americans, whites turn to plastic surgeons for help. Their main motivation is a competition at work. If women have Botox done to look younger, then guys are driven by other motives. Plastic surgeons agree that their main goal is a competitive appearance. “It’s simple”,- says Dr. Terry Dubrow. — “Better and younger a man looks, greater are his chances to remain an active player in the market.” As a result, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery have started focusing on a new “type” of patient: not so long ago most websites of cosmetic clinics were designed exclusively for women. Now most reputable clinics have a page dedicated to services for guys. There are even specialized rooms where only stronger sex is served.

Similar situation is seen in personal relationships: modern women prefer to have a well-groomed man next to them. Social networks and online dating services, where older men meet young girls, also have a huge impact on their choice: many guys go for Brotox only in order to update their avatar on social networks.


Botox treatment areas are virtually the same in guys and women. Women, most of all, want to get rid of “crows feet” — wrinkles in corners of the eyes. Guys have the same concern. You can read about crows feet meaning, crows feet causes, how to get rid of crows feet and crow feet treatment options in my earlier article “Crows Feet When I Smile”.

For correction of vertical wrinkles between eyebrows, also known as Glabella, or Eleven Lines, introduction of Botox is not always enough for guys. Sometimes an additional correction with a denser material, such as dermal filler, needs to be done after botulinum toxin injection.

A lot of attention is paid to forehead because wrinkles on forehead are especially noticeable in guys: with age, hairline tends to recede, making forehead more open. Unlike in women, forehead wrinkles in men are mostly horizontal while forehead wrinkles in women are located vertically. Reason for such a difference is not completely clear, there are a few opinions, some full of anecdotal evidence and some of hard facts, but we can discuss this some other time. For now, it is important to note, that while fixing horizontal forehead wrinkles in guys, injection points should be positioned on the same line because this prevents raised eyebrows effect, which looks inappropriate on a man’s face.


Main benefits of Brotox is that it helps to erase forehead wrinkles, minimize glabella, reduce wrinkles on bridge of the nose known as “bunny lines”, as well as remove wrinkles in corners of the eyes, cheeks and chin.

Botox also helps to reduce sweating on face, treat sweaty feet and armpits and if you are interested to find out how to stop underarm sweating permanently, then please read my most recent article “Underarm Botox. Pros and Cons”.

Furthermore, guys inject it in right hand, which allows to have a dry palm during a handshake. This plays an important role in business.


Originally, methods of Botox administration and dosing were determined for female anatomy, female skin and its structure. Male facial anatomy is different:

  • They have twice as many facial muscles compared to women. The more muscles need correction, the more Botox units should be administered;
  • Men’s skin has a thicker layer of dermis, but thinner epidermis, so to achieve satisfactory result of Botox treatment in men, injection depth should be completely different.

Because difference in male and female facial anatomy was not considered, insufficient Botox doses were administered and first use of botulinum toxin in men wasn’t successful ending with unsatisfied and disappointed customers.

Also, on men’s faces there are some areas where it’s impossible to eliminate wrinkles with Brotox alone, so it’s necessary to use dermal fillers.


The answer is a definite Yes. Guys should get it because living in 21st century, it’s unforgivable to give in to old age, regardless of your sex. Even back in the 1800s, men wanted to look forever young. Do you remember Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s novel? But in those days he could not fight with age, while now we have aesthetic medicine which is very capable of treating signs of aging and undesirable aesthetic concerns: wrinkles, folds, lipoatrophy, acne scars, hyper pigmentation. So, why choose to look old when looking young is so easy?

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