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The men of this world tend to their facial hair with shaving creams, razors and electric shavers. But what about the women, who want to get rid of their peach fuzz or rejuvenate their skin? The solution for both these issues lies in dermaplaning. We are talking about a completely painless treatment with no recovery time that will make your skin smoother and cleaner. There are also many other benefits of dermaplaning, so what exactly is this treatment all about?

Hey everyone, I’m Anna and today we are going to talk about dermaplaning, how to remove peach fuzz on face and benefits of dermaplaning!


Dermaplaning is a more elegant word for scraping off the top layer of your skin with a sharp razor. It is often referred to as “dermablading”, however, it is not as frightening as it sounds.

This treatment involves gentle scraping of your face with a scalpel, removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells. After the procedure, the skin is smoother and the look is more youthful. The entire process is done in about twenty minutes without any pain and chemicals, and there is no downtime.

The procedure is done by a licensed professional and it can be quite a relaxing experience. After the scraping part is done, some soothing lotion will be applied to your skin as well as sunscreen for extra protection. It is also a very low-risk technique with little to no side effects. The results last between three and four weeks and after that, you can schedule your next appointment.


The most common and noticeable benefits of dermaplaning are youthful appearance and smoother skin. But this treatment provides many other benefits as well, some of which might surprise you. Why don’t we have a look at all the advantages of this procedure?

  1. Youthful appearance

Dermaplaning removes all the dead skin cells, making room for the development of new cells. The possibly uneven skin tone eases, and the skin becomes brighter and fresher. It also smoothens out any rough spots, giving your face a radiating and rejuvenating look.

  1. Getting rid of peach fuzz

One of the biggest benefits of dermaplaning is getting rid of peach fuzz. Many women are bothered by their facial hair even if they appear almost invisible. The difference is noticeable only once those fine hairs are gone. Your skin will seem like it is glowing and it will feel incredible to the touch. But the treatment does not only work on the fine hairs, it also works great on darker and stronger hairs.

  1. Reduced wrinkles and fine lines

The development of new skin cells is not only good for a more refreshed look of the skin. It also lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. With dermaplaning, you can successfully avoid and prevent premature skin aging.

  1. Pores get smaller and cleaner

It is probably no surprise that one of the benefits of dermaplaning is smaller pores. Imagine the treatment as a sort of deep cleaning of your face. All the dead skin cells, oils and dirt get removed, resulting in minimizing the pores.

  1. Increases effectiveness of acne treatments

Another one of the strong benefits of dermaplaning is helping with acne scarring and acne treatments. The procedure can be very helpful in reducing the chance of future breakouts by cleaning the pores and clearing facial hair. By getting rid of dead skin cells, dermaplaning can also help with acne scars. And because your face is clearer, the acne medication, such as, for example, tretinoin microsphere gel, will work more effectively.

  1. Easier application of make-up

Once your face is smooth and clear of peach fuzz, cosmetics will become much easier to apply. There will be no uneven patches of skin or blotches after applying foundation. Even the absorption of face creams and similar products becomes faster and the skin appears even brighter.

  1. The treatment is a relaxing experience

Scraping your face with a scalpel may indeed may sound anything but relaxing, but the treatment is actually very gentle and enjoyable. There are no harsh chemicals, no hard pulling or scratching across your skin. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure and it is safe for all skin types and tones.

  1. The procedure is fast and there is no downtime

This treatment is rather fast and simple, and there is no recovery time. The average appointment lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, and you can get on with your day right afterward. And unlike with many other rejuvenating treatments, dermaplaning provides instant results.

  1. Facial hair will not grow back thicker and darker

Many people believe that shaving hair will make it grow back thicker and darker. This is not a true statement. The shaving creates a blunt top, providing only a feeling of thicker hair. Your facial hair will not come back any different than it was before the treatment. Besides, it takes up to one month for the hairs to grow back, and by then you can schedule another dermaplaning appointment.

  1. Great option for people with sensitive skin

Apart from people with inflamed acne, virtually anyone can utilize dermaplaning. Since this is a non-obtrusive procedure, it is perfectly safe for people with sensitive skin. No harsh chemicals are being used, and the process is very gentle. This makes it an excellent choice for certain people, including pregnant women.

  1. Confidence boost

When it comes to the benefits of dermaplaning, a boost of confidence is definitely one of them. Many women feel self-conscious about their facial hair and the treatment can help with that greatly. A soft, bright, and peach fuzz-free face can significantly improve your confidence and make your face shine even more. After all, what is more beautiful than a genuine smile of perfect contentment?


As you can see, scraping your skin with a blade only sounds scary, when in reality it is a painless and beneficial treatment.

When people think about the world of beauty procedures, they do not always see the whole picture. There are many great benefits of dermaplaning, some more apparent than others. One person to another, not one of these advantages is too small or insignificant.


  1. Claire Masters says:

    I have really been under a lot of stress lately because of this pandemic. Thanks for discussing about dermaplaning and how this can actually be a great treatment for people with cystic acne and sensitive skin. I should look into more of this procedure and how this might just be what I need to improve my current skin condition.

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