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As we reach the age of 25, our bodies start producing 1.5% less collagen every year. By the time we reach 40, collagen production decreases by about 25%. This is when we start looking into preserving what mother-nature has given to us and trying to find ways to stop rapid aging.

Miraculously scientists have discovered a new active ingredient to help women and men in their quest for younger, wrinkle-free skin – Equine Protein derived from horse tendons. Italian scientist from a well-established bio-medical laboratory Euroresearch created on its basis the latest anti-aging treatment LinErase – CE certified and bearing a status of a Medical Device class III. Currently it is the only commercially available Type I collagen intended for aesthetic use.

So what is LinErase?

Equine Protein or LinErase is the first skin rejuvenating injectable of its kind. Horse tendons, or in more familiar terms, the fibrous collagen tissues that attach the horse bone to the muscle, contain a powerful dose of protein that can be injected into human skin to boost production of native Type III Collagen therefore reduce photo-aging and wrinkles.


As simple as that: injectable equine-sourced collagen rapidly stimulates new fibroblast production which, in its turn, is responsible for native collagen production.

The equine-sourced protein is already being used to give women one year of healthier and younger looking skin. It is hypoallergenic, making it a safe solution to look young without any serious side effects.

Eternal Beauty

LinErase is a substance derived from horse tendons which increases skin volume and capable of not only erasing fine lines, deep wrinkles and folds, but dealing with severe photo-aging. The Lyophilized Heterologous Type I collagen powder has been granted permission (CE 0373 mark) for use by UK plastic surgeons and aesthetic practitioners from other European countries. The price of this fabulous treatment administered in a medical spa or aesthetic practitioner’s office costs approximately $500 per session with a recommended 4 treatments every 15 days. Due to its fabulous results, LinErase treatment has already become one of the most popular anti-aging treatments with many celebrities. It proves to be also one of the best sellers in Anna’s Cosmetics online store where you can purchase it at $190 per vial.

Proven Results

For over 30 years,  equine collagen has already been used to naturally heal skin ulcers, scars, wounds and more! We believe this new way to fight age can only grow in popularity and will eventually become of the MUST HAVE youth activitaing treatments.

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