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ALIDYA is an anti-lipodystrophic agent known as the Second Motolese's solution. It was developed by the same person who invented the infamous Aqualyx - Prof. Motolese.

ALIDYA is the first injectable medical solution specifically indicated for the treatment of cellulite.

ALIDYA is made mainly of amino acids. Injecting amino-acids into the areas of the body affected by cellulite helps to restructure the adipose tissue while reducing appearance of cellulite and improving the look of skin.


Clinical studies have shown that cellulite is related to poor circulation and intoxication of tissues therefore it forms because of the decreased ability of blood to flow through small blood vessels in the skin. When this happens, metal ions are deposited which can be toxic to cells. ALIDYA contains amino acids and other ingredients, which help to:

  • remove or neutralize toxic elements that cause swelling of fat cells. This minimizes the phenomenon of cellulite
  • rebalance the skin cells
  • restore oxygen to tissue
  • restructure the underlying adipose tissue

The last - restructuring the underlying tissue - helps to smooth the appearance of the surface skin, reducing the look of depressions and irregular skin.

ALIDYA also triggers many important functions in the tissues, improving their functionality which results in inhibiting formation of the cellulite.

Except of cellulite treatment, ALIDYA is indicated for:

  • Post-liposuction treatment – correction of the appearance of the skin after such fat removal method as intralipotherapy
  • Post intralipotherapy treatment – correction of the adipose tissue changes, improving the look of skin


To use ALIDYA, first disinfect the area. Use a sterile syringe to transfer the solution to the vial containing the powder, then shake the mixture for a few seconds and wait for it to clear to a pinkish color. The mixed solution will also have a distinctive odor: this is normal. Use a 30Gx4mm needle to inject ALIDYA into the deep dermal layer or subcutaneous layer using the mesotherapy method, also known as localized intradermotherapy, with a 0.2 to 0.3ml micro bolus into the subcutaneous skin, or transdermally. You can help the treatment results by using massage for manual lympthatic or pneumatic drainage. For complete instructions on how to use ALIDYA, refer to your product leaflet.

The redness remains for approximately 1 day on the skin and the skin is completely healed within 1 day. Bruising is always possible and heals in 10-14 days. Use Chelaskin anti-bruise cream to heal faster.

Depending on the treatment area and the amount of cellulite present, you should administer ALIDYA for a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 12 weekly sessions. Each session may require one or two ampoules of it.

Anti-cellulite can be effective only if proper diet and exercise is done. This therapy can be supported by radiofrequency treatment.

To maintain the treatment results, you should repeat the ALIDYA injections once a year.


Volume & Packaging: 5 vials x 340mg powder, 5 vials x 10ml saline solution.

Active composition: Poliaminoacidic gel, a-D-(+) glucopyranose, 1-4 glycosidic, etilendiaminotetraacetic sodium, amino acid buffer system with bicarbonate-sodium corrector, osmolarity regulator.

Accessory: Packaging insert.

ALIDYA is manufactred in Italy by Marllor Biomedical, the manufacturer of Aqualyx.

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